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Mobile Apps and the Future of Home Security

The complicated home security system of the past has been replaced by easier, more user-friendly mobile app management. Managing your home security system with a mobile app is the future, and it’s a future that homeowners can embrace. Here’s why.

Why Consider Cloud-Based Access Control?

Now that the key to business security is actually keyless (at least in terms of building access), more businesses are looking into their options for cloud-based access control. It should be an easy decision to convert outdated, traditional door locks to access control; the absence of keys is enough reason on its own. But for those business owners who still need convincing, here are a few advantages of making this shift.

Ex-Con Confessions: What Burglars Don’t Want to See

Sometimes, reporters ask reformed criminals to give their tips on preventing break-ins. They may ask questions about what the burglars saw as good opportunities for breaking into a residence, vs. what things might have stopped them from making an attempt. In this case, our tips are based on those things that stop burglars – those things they absolutely hate to see when they attempt to break in to a home. Those things include: