Business Security for Automotive Dealerships

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Automotive theft is on the rise, thanks to the high black market value of items like catalytic converters and other parts. Many times, vehicles are stolen from poorly secured used car lots; other times, they’re targeted at the dealership while being serviced. In any case, it’s clear the automotive retail industry is in need of security solutions that monitor cars more closely. Security Instrument has those solutions; if you manage an auto dealership, consider how we can help you achieve the goal of securing your establishment. 

Verification of Your Alarms

If your alarm is activated due to an intrusion or theft, you want police to respond to your location right away. Many times, a fast response is only possible if the incident has been verified as an emergency by the central station. 

With the video verification component of our monitoring service, you can benefit from agents at our local, Wilmington-based central station viewing video of the incident to verify the emergency for police. When they are dispatched, police can elevate the priority of your incident so you get the fast response you deserve. It also increases the likelihood of the offender being apprehended. 

Night Vision on Your Property 

Afterhours theft on car lots has always been around — but now, there are night vision cameras to capture activity so that nothing happens in the cover of darkness. With our low light cameras, even the darkest corners of your lots are illuminated so that no vehicle can leave the property undetected. 

Cameras can be motion-triggered, so they start recording when they detect the motion of the intruder. Meanwhile, the video can be monitored by our central station so an agent can respond to the theft right away. 

Monitoring of Your Traffic

Knowing how many people visited your lot, showroom or service area is important as you track sales goals, but it’s even more critical for your security. With analytic technology from Security Instrument, you can find out who visited what parts of your property, and at what times. This reveals what your highest activity times are, so you can make informed staffing decisions and serve your customers better. And of course, we also offer access control systems that help you protect employees-only areas of your buildings. 

Automotive dealerships and other vehicle sales establishments are vulnerable to theft, but there’s business security help from Security Instrument. To learn more about any of the services listed here, call us today.  

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