There may be clouds and rain outside this week, but spring will be here before we know it and it will be time to start deciding what home improvement projects you’ll take on this year. Before that time comes, it would be wise to make some home security decisions as well. Like what? Consider the following.


The first step is choosing a contractor you can trust. Although everyone is still immersed in the “new economy” craze that has made hiring service providers off social media sites part of the new normal, it’s only a good idea to do this with a general contractor if others have vouched for his credibility. At the very least, check out a contractor’s reviews on Yelp and Facebook before sitting down to discuss your project. This isn’t just to protect your investment in the work; it’s also to protect the security of your home while the work is being performed. Make sure the reviews state that the crew was careful and respectful of other’s homes – and if there are any complaints to the contrary, avoid that business at all costs.

Pro Tip: check out a contractor’s reviews on Yelp and Facebook before sitting down to discuss your project. This isn’t just to protect your investment in the work; it’s also to protect the security of your home while the work is being performed.


Ask to meet the lead on the project before the work commences, and be sure you have a rapport with him that allows for you to question who will be on the job on any given day. See a new worker in your house? Ask your project lead who he is, and keep an extra eye on him until you feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to find out who is in your house and express any concerns you have with the people occupying it.


It may seem like leaving your system unarmed while people are going in and out will save you time. But if you have upgraded to a system that gives you remote access from your smartphone, then you can arm it at a moment’s notice from anywhere you are. Is the crew scheduled to arrive while you’re at work? Receive a notification when they arrive and disarm the system just long enough to let them in. Having remote access to your system this way gives you the freedom to get creative with home security – even during a home improvement project.

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Use our Spring Home Security tips below to get your home ready for warm weather. Remember, Security is not expensive, It is PRICELESS!

1. Doors & Windows: Make sure to close and lock your windows at night and when you are away from home.

2. Eliminate Hiding places: Clear away areas that are overgrown or could provide thieves with hiding spots.

3. Know your neighbors: Work with your neighbors to keep an eye out for suspicious activities on your street. Leave a key with a neighbor, don’t leave a key under the doormat, plant pot near entrance.

4. Exterior Lighting: Make sure that the exterior is well lit at night. Use motion-sensitive fixtures around the perimeter or smart light bulbs indoor to make it seems like you’re home when you’re away.

5. Make Home Look Occupied: Create the illusion that you are home by using timers on lights, radios and TV’s. Keep an extra car parked prominently in the drive way or ask a neighbor to park their car there.

6. Suspend Deliveries: If away on vacation, put a hold on newspaper and mail deliveries. Consider having packages delivered elsewhere or requiring a signature for delivery.

7. Set a safety routine: Make sure your alarm system are armed every time you leave the house. Check the batteries in smoke detectors and test your burglar alarm system on a monthly basis.

8. Social Media: Don’t leave a message announcing travel plans on the answering machine, e-mail auto-responder or on social media sites.

Security Instrument wishes you to have a wonderful Spring break while your home and properties remain Safe & Sound.

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It’s Older Americans Month – and while we should hold concern for our older loved ones year-round, the season of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is a great time to think about their home security. If you are considering an upcoming home improvement project for a beloved parent or grandparent, a security system for senior citizens is a great idea. What sets a home security system for seniors apart from other electronic solutions is the unique way it addresses their safety needs while also connecting parts of the home to electronic sensors. This functionality allows loved ones to stay on top of what’s going on in the home without infringing on the senior’s privacy. Here are some examples of ways it can work.

Security Systems for Seniors: Possible Features

If you are an adult child or caregiver seeking out a security solution for senior citizens, keep an eye out for features like:

· Sensors that can be placed in key parts of the home – like beds, refrigerators and medicine cabinets – so you will know when those places are being used, and can intervene if they are ever not being used

· A quiet connection to the system, such as a smartphone app you can discreetly look at anytime

· A notification feature that sends you emergency alerts when necessary

· Built-in intelligence that memorizes the activity in the senior’s home, so it can detect any unusual activity that may happen

Connecting Lights, Locks and Thermostats

For additional security, other elements in the home can be connected to the security system as well. Seniors can be even safer when their lights and locks are electronically connected to the security system; this is an option that enables their loved ones to program lights to come on and go off at certain times of day, and allows keyless entry into the home with a simple number code (which means no more lost keys for anyone!). Even thermostats can be connected, which means heating and cooling can be turned on and off remotely by caregivers from the smartphone app. If cameras are part of the home security system, seniors’ authorized loved ones can watch live video feed from the app as well.

To look into the options we offer in security systems for senior citizens, contact Security Instrument today. We look forward to helping you and your loved one.

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