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How Soon to Invest in Home Security After Moving

Once the weather starts to warm up, the annual “moving season” is underway. If you’re among the thousands of Americans who will be moving this spring, you may wonder how soon to have a home security system installed. To inform your decision, here are some things to consider.

Upgrading to a Smart Home with Your Tax Refund

No wonder April has long been regarded as the beginning of the home improvement season; after all, many cosmetic home improvement projects fall within the $2,000 to $3,000 budget. But guess what else falls in between that cost range? The cost of a home burglary.

Home Security While You’re Spring Breaking

Home security matters just as much when you aren’t home as it does when you are. So if your family plans to take a trip for this year’s spring break and you haven’t yet invested in a smart home security system – or if you have made the upgrade to a smart home system, but you aren’t sure how […]

Why Young Professionals Are Choosing Home Security

There’s an interesting movement taking place in millennial homeownership: Young homeowners are turning to home security technology earlier than the previous generation did. What is causing this phenomenon? It’s simple: the reality that today’s security systems are not the same security systems their parents used.

How Home Alarm Monitoring Can Save Your Life

While most homeowners understand that a monitored home alarm is a great tool for catching a burglar in their tracks, many are still unaware that this is a tool that can proactively save your life. Maybe people think dangerous events at home just don’t happen anymore. But the numbers tell a very different story when […]