Business Security for Your Summer Vacation

Business Security for Summer
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Before the pandemic, nearly 50% of business owners claimed it was difficult to unplug if they took a vacation. More than 40% said they rarely, if ever, took vacations at all. Now, in the post-pandemic era, there are many different schools of thought for how businesses can and should operate. 

If you’re in the camp that is ready to take a break from business this summer, it’s important to have security on your side while you’re away. Security Instrument can help, with services that can keep you plugged in to what’s going on with your business space from wherever you’re relaxing or recreating. Here’s what we recommend. 

Reveal Video Monitoring

Like many business owners, you may have a legacy video surveillance system that seems expensive to replace. The good news is, you don’t have to replace it entirely in order to upgrade it to a modern video monitoring solution that can be managed from your vacation spot. Security Instrument proudly offers Reveal, a service that can work with your existing video surveillance equipment and monitored security system with no start-up costs. 

Reveal integrates with your alarm panel and connects with up to four security cameras on your property. When human motion triggers an alarm on one of your connected cameras, Reveal instantly sends video of the event to the monitoring center.

If the event is a crime in progress, a live agent will dispatch police while also notifying you. The entire event can be handled swiftly and simply, with no interruptions to your vacation. 

Smash and Grab Protection

Right now, smash and grab burglary is one of the biggest criminal trends happening — and the summertime provides ideal conditions for the perpetrators of this crime. If your business does not yet have smash and grab protection, we highly recommend you add this to your service before you leave for vacation. Ask us about this valuable service that combines glass break detection with motion sensors and monitoring to give your business an added safeguard. You’ll enjoy your vacation more knowing this protection is in place. 

You deserve a vacation, and we have business security solutions for your property while you’re out of town. Learn more about intrusion alarms, video monitoring or smash and grab protection by calling Security Instrument this summer. 

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