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The garage may not get a lot of notice, but if you are fortunate enough to have one, the garage is a vital part of your home-life. It keeps your car safe and out of the elements and keeps larger and lesser used items safely tucked away, among many other uses. Whether your garage is for storage, used as a man cave, or is home to your teen’s garage-band, there are some good reasons to make getting a smart garage door the next really smart thing you do.

1 Smart Garage Doors Improve Your Safety

There is one huge problem with regular garage doors– forgetting to close and lock them. That is a pretty big deal since over 70% of Americans use the door from the garage to the house as their primary entrance. When you couple that with the knowledge that most burglars make their entrance through an unlocked door, it is a small mistake that can lead to catastrophe. The smart garage door solves this problem by using geofencing and your location as a trigger to automatically close the door when you leave or close it behind you when you get home. This means that even if you have a million other things on your mind, the garage door still gets closed and the home is secure.

2 You can Control Access

Whether a neighbor needs to borrow a tool, a package is getting delivered, or the kids use the garage to house as their preferred entrance when getting home, a smart garage door lets you both provide and control access.Not only can you open the door remotely as needed, you can also provide unique access codes with expiry dates. This eliminates the need for physical keys so you never compromise your home security.

3 Set Up Alerts

A smart garage door can also help increase your security through alerts. Each time your garage is accessed, or each time someone tries to access your garage it sends an alert to your phone through the smart garage door app so you can check on the activity. You can know who got home through unique codes, or know if someone not authorized is trying to gain access. If it is also connected to security cameras, you can tap in to see the activity.

4 Trigger Other Actions

There is no place like home and a smart garage door makes your security system home even better. If your smart garage door is connected to other smart devices, it can serve as a trigger for other actions. By using geofencing, it can trigger the lights to go on or signal temperature adjustments when you draw near or lock the doors (aren’t you glad you got those smart locks?) and arm your system when you leave.

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Smart security sure has come a long way. Just a handful of years ago it would be difficult to believe all that is possible today with smart technologies connecting and enhancing a wide swath of security and convenience. While we enjoy all of the facets and elements of smart home security one element, the smart garage door, plays a truly pivotal role.

The Smart Garage Door is Key To Your Security

Securing the garage door is one of the most important, and most often neglected security actions. Over 90% of break-ins occur at ground level and a large portion of them through unsecured garage doors that lead to an interior door to the home. Over 70% of Americans use the garage door as their primary entrance. And it is not hard to figure that many, many people forget to close the garage door on countless occasions. That’s why the smart garage door is a strategic security feature. It can close or be closed remotely, even when you forget and provide pop-up smartphone alerts when it opens at unexpected times.

Pro Tip: When the garage door is part of a smart home system, going or coming can trigger actions to limit energy consumption, which reduces your costs.

Keep Track of Activity

Since a smart garage door can provide pop-up alerts on your smartphone when activity is detected or actions are needed, you can keep track of the comings and goings of the entire family by using unique codes.

You Can Manage Access Like Never Before

The ability to open and close the garage remotely and provide unique, time sensitive codes is also a valuable feature in time and project management. You can always be two places at once (almost) to let in family, friends, or service providers even if you are stuck in traffic.

A Smart Garage Door Makes Your Home Even More Thoughtful

A connected garage door can mean a much more responsive home. When the system detects that the door is opening and closing, and who by using codes or geofencing technology, it can trigger other responses. When the door closes, for example, the clothes dryer turns to “away”, the lights go off and the thermostat get turned down. Or when you draw near, the garage opens, lights go on, temperature adjusts, and the appropriate appliances are on and ready to go. It can also trigger an “away” sequence of events that it can turn off and on lights and music so that the home always looks occupied, making your home even more secure.

The Smart Garage Door Can Trigger Savings

Heating and cooling makes up the largest portion of our energy bills. When the garage door is part of a smart home system, going or coming can trigger actions to limit energy consumption, which reduces your costs.

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