Security For Property Management

Monitor multiple properties 24/7 with video surveillance, access control & business analytics.

Fire Monitoring
Automated Locks
Alarm Monitoring
Audio Evacuation
Video Surveillance

Fire Monitoring Systems

Multiple properties can mean multiple headaches when it comes to making sure that all fire systems are fully operational to ensure tenant safety. Among other critical functions, Security Instrument monitoring will let you know if the water supply is enabled, the sprinkler heads have been discharged, or if the valves have been turned off.

Automated Locks & Access Control

Set doors to lock and unlock according to your schedule. Provide card access systems for your tenants.

Tenants employees can arrive and leave at all hours of the day. Set custom permissions for automatic locking and unlocking of entryways and provide tenants with card access to ensure maximum safety.

Control Your Alarm Monitoring

Need alarm monitoring without the headaches of false alarm management? Security Instrument can allow property managers local override or remote override via smart devices if an alarm is triggered – saving you time and money in false alarm fines from local jurisdictions. You can also set custom rules to  allow total management by our Central Monitoring Station.

Audio Evacuation

Protect tenants and stay in compliance with state fire code regulations.

Audio emergency evacuation may be required in some counties. The professionals at Security Instrument are familiar with local AHJ (authorities having jurisdiction) requirements and can help you customize an emergency evacuation plan for your property.

Video Surveillance: Live Check In On Properties

Did the landscapers do a thorough job? Did the trash pick up happen on time? Answer these questions and more with on-demand HD video surveillance from Security Instrument. Cloud video and local NVR make your video clips available at any time via the mobile app or desktop.

Building Intercom Systems

Sometimes, you or a tenant may need to gain access to a building after hours, or during business hours if there is no access control card system in place. Intercom systems installed by SecurityInstrument make life easier and more secure for property owners and tenenats alike.

Securing Properties Since 1960.

A few reasons why smart business owners trust Security Instrument…

A 60 Year Track Record Of Success

Founded in 1960, Security Instrument Corporation, a privately held U.S. Corporation, provides electronic security and life safety detection  and associated monitoring and support services.

Comprehensive Services

Security Instrument offers an full line of services from professionally engineered system designs and turnkey installation services, to 24 hour system monitoring.

Large Service Area

Security Instrument is Delaware’s largest full-service independently-owned security company, serving thousands of customers throughout Delaware, MD, NJ & PA.