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Mobile Apps and the Future of Home Security

The complicated home security system of the past has been replaced by easier, more user-friendly mobile app management. Managing your home security system with a mobile app is the future, and it’s a future that homeowners can embrace. Here’s why.

Why Consider Cloud-Based Access Control?

Now that the key to business security is actually keyless (at least in terms of building access), more businesses are looking into their options for cloud-based access control. It should be an easy decision to convert outdated, traditional door locks to access control; the absence of keys is enough reason on its own. But for those business owners who still need convincing, here are a few advantages of making this shift.

Ex-Con Confessions: What Burglars Don’t Want to See

Sometimes, reporters ask reformed criminals to give their tips on preventing break-ins. They may ask questions about what the burglars saw as good opportunities for breaking into a residence, vs. what things might have stopped them from making an attempt. In this case, our tips are based on those things that stop burglars – those things they absolutely hate to see when they attempt to break in to a home. Those things include:

The Dynamic Duo: Dogs & The Home Alarm System

Burglar alarms are designed to help protect every member of your family, and that includes the four-legged members. That’s right, we’re talking about your pets; here are some ways you can integrate your burglar alarm and other home security tools with your beloved family dog.  

Making House Guests and Home Security Go Hand-in-Hand

Still hosting a few overnight visitors after the holidays are over? You want to create a friendly, welcoming environment for them to enjoy, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on home security while they’re staying. The good news is, you can have the best of both; here’s how to make your house guests part of your home security routine.