Campus Security Solutions for Move-In Season

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In colleges throughout the East Coast, move-in season is approaching quickly. If you are a site administrator at a campus, here are the security systems that should be installed and/or appropriately upgraded before next year’s students move in. 

Video Surveillance 

Is your surveillance video unclear or lacking night vision? Does it seem like it’s moving in slow motion during playback? Is storage of your footage severely limited, or are you unable to view it remotely? These are all signs that it’s time to upgrade your video surveillance system. The goal should be to ensure that any security incidents on campus are captured clearly, perpetrators can be identified more easily, and appointed school authorities can access the video as quickly as possible. 

Access Control 

From dorms and libraries, to lecture halls and recreation facilities, college campus buildings should be protected by electronic access control. If the system is malfunctioning by rejecting authorized visitors, allowing in unauthorized visitors, firing off error messages or requiring people to attempt multiple scans before entering, your system may be in need of an upgrade to a more seamless, sophisticated access control system.

The time to do this is now, before the next school year begins. 

Mass Notification

From natural disasters to active shooter scenarios, a mass notification system can alert everyone on campus to danger at the same time. It’s one of the most critical tools for a fast, orderly evacuation as well. If your mass notification system has failed in any way as you begin to test your security technology for the next school year, ask us about replacing it with a quality EST/Edwards mass notification system from Security Instrument. 

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As college students return to campus amid the post-pandemic “new normal,” it’s incumbent on their schools to provide the most secure learning and living environments possible. To inquire about an upgrade to your campus security technology in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland, call Security Instrument now. 

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