Throughout the Tri-State Area, our cities and townships are making intentional efforts to create safer dining and social environments in 2023. Everything from alcohol service to high amounts of onsite cash can put a restaurant at risk of theft and legal liabilities. This risk calls for advanced security camera technology. If your current cameras aren’t recording clearly enough to identify faces, monitor the alcohol consumption behavior of patrons, and make sure the cash is being handled properly, it’s time for a strategic camera conversion. Here’s what you may be interested in as you boost your bar or restaurant security this new year. 

High Definition Cameras

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In 2023, businesses that have been impacted by the increased crime of the past few years are looking for ways to improve the safety of everyone onsite. Fortunately, there are commercial security services that can help accomplish this. Here are some suggestions for elevating your commercial security this year, and ways we can help businesses in need of security throughout Delaware and its adjacent states. 

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Government properties of all sizes are mandated to have rock solid security systems. That’s what Security Instrument provides: government security throughout the Tri-State Area that’s comprised of the most modern technology available, and aligned with today’s most critical security needs. Those needs are often driven by security trends, identified here. 

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Onsite surveillance is a given for any government property. Employees know the premises are outfitted with cameras and being monitored for security events. The key to implementing that type of security properly is working with a contractor that has extensive government security experience. Tri-State Area government properties in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania can trust us to meet their needs, from basic intrusion detection and central station services to video surveillance and remote video services that monitor the premises afterhours. 

Next Level Access Control 

Access control systems have come a long way in recent years, and it’s incumbent upon government properties to be on the cusp of what’s available. Your site is no longer relegated to card credentials and keyfobs; today, there are next level solutions like biometric access control with infrared technology. Its mechanisms include fingerprint ID, facial recognition, retina eye scanning and more. These methods can authenticate the identity of employees and other approved occupants on the premises, whether people are entering as individuals or in groups. This is the next level access control every government property needs. 

Business Intelligence

Video analytics are a key to security success in the private sector, and they prove to be even more valuable for government security. In the Tri-State Area, government properties are no different. Video analytics can provide valuable business intelligence to make policy decisions, protect residents and boost local economies.

To deliver the business intelligence needed to make informed decisions, Security Instrument has video surveillance equipped with AI analytics.

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Government facilities need the best solutions the electronic security industry has to offer, and Security Instrument has it. To hear what’s available, call our government security experts for the Tri-State Area now. 

About Security Instrument

From Fortune 500 to local SMB’s throughout the Tri-State area, Security Instrument integrates custom security systems to meet the needs of commercial clients.

Slip and fall legal claims are not new, but they are on the verge of becoming a phenomenon after the pandemic. In the past few years, Walmart, Costco and other major retailers have been hit with slip and fall lawsuits, filed by scammers who see an opportunity to score an easy payout if they can prove a business was negligent to protect the public. 

Fortunately, there is one measure of defense that can prevent them from being able to prove negligence: video surveillance, which can protect Tri-State Area businesses from slip and fall scammers. Here are some ways a quality video surveillance system can defend retailers and other businesses from those attempting to defraud them. 

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In colleges throughout the East Coast, move-in season is approaching quickly. If you are a site administrator at a campus, here are the security systems that should be installed and/or appropriately upgraded before next year’s students move in. 

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Before the pandemic, nearly 50% of business owners claimed it was difficult to unplug if they took a vacation. More than 40% said they rarely, if ever, took vacations at all. Now, in the post-pandemic era, there are many different schools of thought for how businesses can and should operate. 

If you’re in the camp that is ready to take a break from business this summer, it’s important to have security on your side while you’re away. Security Instrument can help, with services that can keep you plugged in to what’s going on with your business space from wherever you’re relaxing or recreating. Here’s what we recommend. 

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Healthcare security has made great strides in recent years. Organizations have aggressively met the challenges of HIPAA, but those challenges have been ongoing since the law was enacted in 1996. More recently, the healthcare sector was propelled into a new set of security needs brought on by COVID-19. Interestingly, the 2022 Health Care Trends Report from Allegion revealed there has been a 13% increase in hospital use of electronic access control systems since 2016. 

In the healthcare environment, the analytics that can be obtained from the right security technology can provide necessary support for key security objectives. Here are some of the primary examples. 

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In some sectors, environmental monitoring is critical. If it’s important for a facility you manage, then imagine the convenience of having it as part of your business security service. Security Instrument can make that possible, by delivering the following environmental monitoring services to your enterprise. 

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In the aftermath of the pandemic, healthcare administrators are waking up to the massive security gaps that exist at their facilities. Security Instrument can help fill those gaps, with services that meet the unique healthcare security challenges of medical facilities in the post-COVID era. In the American Society for Healthcare Engineering’s (ASHE’s) Hospital Security Survey, 61% of hospitals who responded reported that they increased their security budgets because of challenges like the following.

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Automotive theft is on the rise, thanks to the high black market value of items like catalytic converters and other parts. Many times, vehicles are stolen from poorly secured used car lots; other times, they’re targeted at the dealership while being serviced. In any case, it’s clear the automotive retail industry is in need of security solutions that monitor cars more closely. Security Instrument has those solutions; if you manage an auto dealership, consider how we can help you achieve the goal of securing your establishment. 

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