Central Monitoring Services

Central Monitoring
AES Intellinet
Video Verification
Alarm Communications

We can monitor and support almost any system on the market today!

With decades of experience in the central station business we understand what concerns you the most and offer a comprehensive line of services customized to meet your unique or specific needs.

Locally Owned & Operated Central Monitoring

The key ingredient to a cohesive quality result for any security or fire detection application is the central monitoring facility that will support your system. Security Instrument owns and operates it’s own UL Listed central station, which enables us to provide personalized services and deliver an authentic unified solution.

By utilizing our monitoring services, you receive the added benefit of having only one number to call whether your need to place your system on test, request service, change account information, or simply ask a question about your system.

AES Intellinet

IntelliNet multi-path wireless signaling – now UL listed for commercial fire.

AES wireless mesh technology offers best-in-class protection against catastrophic fire and intrusion events. The IntelliNet system includes smart subscriber units which act as a receiver, repeater, and transmitter. This allows individual subscribers to act as relays to the central receiver creating multiple redundancies.  The technology will never sunset or have the need to change out obsolete cellular technologies. AES-IntelliNet is our partner of choice in fire and intrusion monitoring because we know the difference it makes in your service, and ultimately your safety.

Video Alarm Verificaton

Eliminate false alarms and dispatch authorities while an event is in progress.

As law enforcement agencies become increasingly overburdened, they look to video verification to help determine the nature of emergencies and to help them respond appropriately. When an emergency occurs which trips an alarm, the signal and video goes to the monitoring station who then immediately notifies authorities. If a crime is video verified, law enforcement is able to treat it as a crime in progress. This helps increase response time and the rate of apprehension.

Alarm Communications Services

  • SIA Certified Operators

  • GSM Cellular Signaling

  • IP – Inernet Signaling

  • Multiple Signal Types

    Gas, water, temperature, and other critical conditions.

  • Automated Signal Testing

    Scheduled  signaling tests to assure your monitoring connection is funtioning.

  • User activity logging and reporting

    (Supervised or Unsupervised)

  • Activity Reports

    Periodic customized system emailed activity reports

  • E-Notification

    Emailed notification of system events as they occur.

  • SI-Weblink Data Services

    Internet access to your system informaiton with reports on demand

  • Automated Arming Services

    Your system will arm or disarm on a predetermined schedule.

  • UL Certified Systems

    Required for various high-security applications.

  • Elevator & Emergency Phone Response

Central Station Certificatons