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Automate your life with advanced home control and automation from Security Instrument. With smart apps to power your lifestyle, the only limit is your imagination!


Your life…easier. From easy touch screen set up and mobile use, SI makes home automation simple and fun.


Your home control goes with you everywhere. Activate lights, locks, cameras and more, right from your smart device.


Simple wireless updates ensure that your system runs smooth and is fun to use for years to come.

Energy Savings Made Easy

Adjust your home’s temperature in one room or multiple rooms right from your smart device, and set custom schedules that cool or heat your home on cue.

Brilliant Possibilities in Lighting

With automated home lighting from SI, the possibilities are endless. Manage your lights so that no one will notice when you’re away. Set standard light schedules and have them automatically vary at different intervals, so there’s no perceptible pattern to a potential intruder.

Unlock The Potential

Stop leaving your key under the mat, or worrying that you left the garage door open. Enhance your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home.

Automate Your Location

Intelligent geo-fencing will unlock your doors, set the temperature to 72 and adjust your lighting when you’re within 1 minute of arriving in the driveway. Welcome home.

Made With Love In The U.S.A.

Security Instrument is a proud Authorized Dealer for DMP

As an Authorized Dealer for DMP,  Security Instrument designs, installs, services and monitors home security and automation systems using DMP technology. DMP (Digitial Monitoring Products) is a family-owned manufacturer of electronic burglar, fire and access products. Headquartered in Springfield, MO, DMP products are designed, engineered & manufactured in right here in America, guaranteeing the highest quality and craftsmanship in home alarm systems technology.

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