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Smart, Safe Summer Fun at Your Business

Summer tends to be a more laid back time in the workplace, with employee appreciation days and maybe even a company picnic. If these events take place onsite, it’s the employer’s responsibility to make sure they are carried out responsibly. Here are some tips for smart, safe summer fun at your business. 

The Gift of Smart Home Security for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to turn our attention toward ways to make Dad’s day extra special. Now that many fathers are starting to return to in-person work (after a year of working from home and helping with remote learning), this year’s Father’s Day calls for smart home security technology to make his life – and, your whole family’s life – a whole lot simpler. 

Staying on Top of Summer School Security

It’s been an unusual school year — and now, many campuses will be vacated again for summer vacation. Empty school grounds are susceptible to all kinds of security risks, whether it’s students exploring the campus at night or breaking and entering by people with more malicious intentions. The relaxed tempo of summertime can be inviting for everyone from the curious to the criminal, so it’s definitely not the time of year to let school security slide. Even if school police stay on duty during the summer, schools need extra security.

Access Control Best Practices for a New Era

We’re in a new era now…one in which working from home has become common, businesses are more used to complying with restrictions, and everyone is preparing for these things to be part of our reality for the foreseeable future. It’s the perfect time to evaluate your security systems, starting with access control. 

How to Assess and Improve Physical Security for Your Office in 2021

For a long time, businesses placed a greater focus on information security than physical security. But in 2021, an office-based business needs to turn focus to improving physical security as well. As you get started on assessing and improving physical security for your office, your first step should be a security audit and physical security risk assessment.