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3 Tips for Preventing False Alarms

False alarms can lead to a variety of unwanted repercussions, including fines, consumption of police resources, and ownership dissatisfaction. Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent them from happening at your home or business. For customers of our security company in the Mid-Atlantic, here are some tips for preventing false alarms at your property. 

3 Repercussions of False Alarms

New customers of our Delaware security company often inquire about the consequences of false alarms. When an alarm is triggered for a reason other than intrusion, it is much more than an audible nuisance. Here are some of the main repercussions of false alarms, and why avoiding them should be taken seriously.

More Business Security to Fight Delaware Vandalism

The five most reported crimes in Delaware include Destruction, Vandalism and Damage of Property. We’ve already talked about how maximizing your lighting can help you reduce your risk of being victimized by vandalism; now, it’s time to discuss other ways to improve your business security. Delaware business owners can do more to fight vandalism with these measures.


Staying Safe from Summer Security Risks

The summer can be a time of heightened criminal risks in all regions, including ours. In fact, the D.C. Metro Police recently unveiled a new summer crime fighting plan they hope will help them keep criminal activity under control this year. As a business owner, you can help keep yourself, your customers and your assets safer by taking the following measures. 

Using Lighting as Business Security to Fight Delaware Vandalism

It was recently reported that Destruction, Vandalism and Damage of Property is at the top of the list for the five most reported crimes in Delaware. Fortunately, there is security technology that can help you protect your business from these crimes. Alarms and video surveillance are critical, but you can start with an even more low tech solution. For instance, one of the most underrated, yet powerful ways to protect your business is with better lighting. 

Security Flexibility Through Your System’s Keypad

The solutions are much more flexible now, thanks to an easy-to-use graphic touchscreen keypad. Delaware business security customers of Security Instrument can use their simple arming options menu on the keypad panel to choose which sections of the property need protection, at whatever times they choose. 


Security in Stormy Weather

No matter what kind of weather is on the horizon, it’s always a good time to discuss how to avoid the security hazards of a storm. Here are some stormy weather safety tips from the number one security experts in the Tri-State Area, Security Instrument. 

Managing Summer Employees with Access Control

If you’re hiring temporary workers for the summer, maybe you need a way to monitor their activity without sacrificing your own vacation plans. If that’s the case, Security Instrument has the solution: an electronic access control system, which gives employers like you a way to oversee summer staff from anywhere. If you opt to have access control installed at your Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland business, here’s what you can look forward to this summer.