Video Verification & Monitoring

With the Reveal Video Verification solution, operators can actually see if it’s a false alarm or legitimate emergency. Reveal is a cost-effective answer to a big problem.

What is Reveal?

Reveal is a low-cost video monitoring solution because it works with the current equipment you have. If you have a monitored security system, all you need to do is add Reveal. It ties into the alarm panel and connects with up to four security cameras. Once something triggers an alarm on a connected camera, the system sends a video of the incident to the monitoring center.

There is no high start-up cost and Reveal is scalable. You can add multiple bridges to your security system.

Verify Intrusion With Accuracy

Without video verification, when an audible alarm is triggered it alerts a central monitoring station. An operator tries to verify the threat and contacts law enforcement to respond if necessary. Sometimes, the alarm provides a zone for police to check, but there’s no way to see exactly what’s going on.

With video verification, when an intruder trips an alarm, the monitoring system also receives a video of the event so they can verify exactly what’s happening. The monitoring center can provide law enforcement with more information for a quicker response. The monitoring station sees exactly what’s happening without additional signal traffic.

Video Verification

Save Money On False Alarm Fines

Every time law enforcement responds to a false alarm, it costs police resources and extra time for an administrator or employee of the business to investigate an alarm. Whether that’s someone responding after hours to meet with the police or paying someone to be on-call.

If the operator and the monitoring center can verify by video that the alarm was triggered because a heating vent came on blowing a poster in the hallway, they can disregard the alarm before law enforcement is ever notified.

Faster Apprehension

When a break-in occurs with a business that has video verification, police can locate the suspects quicker, preventing them from escaping with merchandise, money, or other property. It can also help stop property damage and vandalism in progress. If law enforcement can’t locate the suspects when they arrive, you’ll have video footage to help identify and apprehend perpetrators as well as provide evidence for investigations.

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Reduce Employee Theft

Video verification can reduce employee theft by providing surveillance footage that you can review later and identify if it’s an outside threat or an employee stealing money and property. You can use Reveal to trigger security cameras to record every time someone disarms an alarm. You’ll know who disarmed the alarm and whether it was to cover up criminal activity or for legitimate purposes.

Reveal can also help you discover employees on the property outside of normal business hours when no one is supposed to be on the property.

Save Time & Money With Reveal

You choose a security provider to provide the best possible service at potentially your worst moment. An operator being able to see and understand what is happening at your location is vital to getting the police there quickly and apprehending the intruder. Video verification is a revolutionary technology changing the way criminals are identified, apprehended and ultimately prosecuted – saving business owners hundreds of thousands every day.

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Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, Security Instrument owns and operates it’s own Underwriters Laboratories listed central monitoring center delivering personalized services and providing a true cohesive solution.

By utilizing industry-leading technology and our years of experience, Security Instrument can provide you with critical information in real time with highly-skilled personnel that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rest assured that our systems and staff will be available when you need them the most.

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Security Instrument offers an full line of services from professionally engineered system designs and turnkey installation services, to 24 hour system monitoring.

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Founded in 1960, Security Instrument Corporation, a privately held U.S. Corporation, provides electronic security and life safety detection  and associated monitoring and support services.

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Security Instrument is Delaware’s largest full-service independently-owned security company, serving thousands of customers throughout Delaware, MD, NJ & PA.