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Life Safety
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Having life safety devices installed is the responsibility and requirement of every public facility. At Security Instrument, we supply those devices so that public facilities under construction, upgrade or retrofit can get their life safety solutions from a single source. Here’s what public facility managers can expect from our life safety services. 

Fire Alarm Design  

Fire alarm design is an intricate process that requires a high level of expertise. Not all security integrators are able to provide fire alarm design; that’s why Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland facilities trust Security Instrument to meet their fire alarm design needs. We have the knowledge and technology required to design a compliant fire safety system for any public facility.  

Installation and Maintenance 

Once the right fire safety system is designed for a public building, our expert technicians install and test it for timely, optimum deployment. As time goes on, we can perform routine inspection and maintenance so that smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire sprinklers are always operating at top performance and the facility remains in compliance.  

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Fire is an obvious hazard, but other dangers are less detectable. To make sure public building occupants are protected from the odorless, deadly poison known as carbon monoxide, we install CO detectors at the facility. With our CO detection services, building managers will receive an alert when carbon monoxide is detected onsite.

From there, everyone in the building can be evacuated to safety before anyone experiences CO poisoning.

Public facilities are required to have life safety detection. If you are overseeing the building, upgrade or retrofitting of a school campus, government office or other public installation, Security Instrument has the life safety devices you need. Call us today to discuss fire safety, CO detection or fire alarm design in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland. 

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