Better Healthcare Security in the Post-Pandemic Era

Bob Gamble
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In the aftermath of the pandemic, healthcare administrators are waking up to the massive security gaps that exist at their facilities. Security Instrument can help fill those gaps, with services that meet the unique healthcare security challenges of medical facilities in the post-COVID era. In the American Society for Healthcare Engineering’s (ASHE’s) Hospital Security Survey, 61% of hospitals who responded reported that they increased their security budgets because of challenges like the following.

Violence Against Staff 

The U.S. Government Accountability Office reports that violence against healthcare workers occurs 12 times more than other violence in the general workforce. To help protect medical staff from attacks at the hands of patients or trespassers, we can design a custom healthcare security system that includes extra devices, from panic buttons to glass break detectors. And of course, video surveillance can be installed in common areas to capture any activity that occurs outside of patient rooms. 

Trespassing Incidents    

Hospitals are public places, but they are only meant to be occupied by people who are seeking treatment or have current business inside. Anyone else is a trespasser, and every facility needs security technology that can help security staff identify those people. Video surveillance is an excellent tool for monitoring parking lots, document storage areas, pharmacies, cafeterias, gift shops, maternity units and more. Our digital, high-definition cameras can pan, scan and zoom to zero in on trespassers before alerting security. 

Restricted Area Access

From document storage areas to nursing stations to operating rooms, hospitals are filled with restricted areas that only authorized employees should have access to. Our electronic access control systems can help protect those areas, by keeping them locked out to anyone who does not possess an activated credential to enter.

Administrators can define which employees have access to each area according to their job roles, and reports can be generated on demand to see who has accessed protected areas during specific time periods. 

Healthcare security has become more challenging than ever, but Security Instrument has the right technology to meet those challenges head-on. To discuss healthcare security for facilities in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland, call Security Instrument for a complimentary evaluation. 

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