Security For Restaurants & Bars

Monitor your food service operation 24/7 with intrusion detection, smart automation and business analytics.

Fire Suppression Monitoring
Audio Evacuation
Temperature Monitoring
Video Surveillance
Business Intelligence

Fire Suppression Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring systems by Security Instrument can alert managers and stakeholders via text or phone call if a fire suppression system is triggered. We can help you stay in compliance with local AHJ with confidence testing and inspections. SI has the experience and industry-backed technology to secure your food service operation from fire hazards, complete with 24 /7 fire alarm monitoring.

Audio Evacuation and Mass Notification

Get your patrons out quickly in an emergency – even in low visibility.

If a fire starts or another emergency takes place, you need to get your patrons out – fast, and automatically. No panic, pre-recorded audio emergency evacuation is available for small and large restaurant operations. Save lives and reduce liability with mass notification from Security Instrument.

24 / 7 Alarm Monitoring

Security Instrument owns and operates it’s own UL Certified Central Monitoring Station, located right here in Delaware. Our SIA certified technicians are local residents that know the area inside and out. In an emergency every second counts. Choose a monitoring company like SI with local staff who can assist your business quickly when you need it most.

Temperature Monitoring

Preserve your inventory and stay in compliance with health department regulations.

Preserve your profit margins. Get alerted when a cooler door is left open for too long, or an unexpected change in temperature is detected to avoid loss of inventory.

Loss Prevention: Video Surveillance

Was it 2 beers or 6? Tuna or Tilapia? Gain key insights from cloud video or locally hosted NVR.

Keep an eye on cash registers, the dining room, and lobster tail walking out the the back door with HD video surveillance from Security Instrument. Cloud video and local NVR make your video clips available at anytime via the mobile app or desktop.

Business Intelligence

The door was opened 192 times today. Do you know when?

Need to know how many customers walked in the door today? Who opened and closed up the store? Are your employees giving out sweetheart deals? All of these questions and more can be answered with standard, out of the box security systems installed by Security Instrument.

Protecting Restaurants Since 1960.

A few reasons why smart business owners trust Security Instrument…

A 60 Year Track Record Of Success

Founded in 1960, Security Instrument Corporation, a privately held U.S. Corporation, provides electronic security and life safety detection  and associated monitoring and support services.

Comprehensive Services

Security Instrument offers an full line of services from professionally engineered system designs and turnkey installation services, to 24 hour system monitoring.

Large Service Area

Security Instrument is Delaware’s largest full-service independently-owned security company, serving thousands of customers throughout Delaware, MD, NJ & PA.