Campus Security

Providing Administrators with modern, easy to use solutions to safeguard students, faculty, and campuses.

Mass Notification Systems
Access Control
Video Surveillance
Fire Alarm Systems
Alarm Monitoring

Get The Word Out In Seconds

“Shooter in building C”…an alert that is, unfortunately, more common on campuses around the country. Mass notification systems installed and supported by Security Instrument can get the word out within seconds to every section of your campus – saving lives and providing security for students and faculty.

Access Control

From secure areas to general entries and exits, you can now view business reporting records and data to find out who entered a location, where they were, and when they walked in.

24 / 7 Alarm Monitoring

Security Instrument owns and operates it’s own UL Certified Central Monitoring Station, located right here in Delaware. Our SIA certified operators are local residents that know the area inside and out. In an emergency every second counts. Choose a monitoring company like SI with local staff who can assist your business quickly when you need it most.

24-hour video monitoring and recording

Gain key insights from cloud video or locally hosted NVR.

Monitor and record video on critical campus areas from breakrooms to common areas, dorm hallways and more.

Fire Alarm Systems

Whether you’re considering new construction, upgrades or retrofits, we can be your single-source provider for multiple fire and life safety solutions that can be integrated and networked for granularity of information. When it comes to keeping your equipment operating at its best, our specialists can provide testing and inspection, preventive maintenance, fire alarm monitoring and 24/7 emergency service.

Protecting Campuses Since 1960.

From high traffic daycare centers to large university campuses, we offer integrated security technologies and systems to help protect students, employees and campus facilities, providing easy access management for authorized visitors.

A 60 Year Track Record Of Success

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