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It’s not fair to blame the victim of any crime – but if you become the victim of a crime like a burglary, it’s tempting to be hard on yourself. It’s not uncommon for victims of a burglary to ask themselves, “Is there anything I could have done?” To save yourself from the unnecessary heartache of being burglarized and the guilt that sometimes follows, make sure you always, always, always:

Lock all the doors in the home.

It would be great if we lived in an era when “you could leave your front door open,” but those days have long since passed. It just isn’t safe to leave doors unlocked anymore, no matter how safe you perceive your neighborhood to be. Lock your front door, back door and even the door that leads to the garage. Any entry point to the home is a potential access point for an intruder. With smart locks, you can even do this from your mobile device, from anywhere.

Use common sense.

That means don’t leave a key under the door mat; it’s just too big of a risk, because burglars expect people to do it now. It also means don’t give your alarm code to a service person or a neighbor. There are temporary codes you can give those people when necessary; ask us how to program your system with temporary sub-user codes if you are interested in doing this.

Arm your security system.

There are three reasons you have an alarm system: 1.) So that you can be alerted to the presence of an intruder, 2.) So that you can scare that intruder off with an audible alarm, and 3.) So that the authorities will be contacted automatically if the alarm is activated. Unfortunately, none of those things will happen if your system isn’t armed. Arm your security system before leaving the house, and place it in night mode before going to bed.

These are some of the best ways to prevent burglary and the unfortunate guilt that follows. Rest assured that you did your part in preventing a home burglary by following these steps.

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