Video Surveillance to Catch Delaware Catalytic Converter Thieves

Video Surveillance to Catch Delaware Catalytic Converter Thieves
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The catalytic converter theft epidemic has been sweeping the nation for quite some time, and Delaware is no different. Delaware State Police are doing their part to educate the public on what’s driving this trend and how we can work together to fight it. Meanwhile, a Delaware catalytic converter theft bill was recently passed that requires catalytic converter buyers to report each sale. But why do thieves steal catalytic converters, and what can you do about it if they happen on your commercial property? Here’s the critical info. 

Why Thieves Steal Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are important devices every vehicle needs in order to strip engine emissions of pollutants before they are released into the air. Criminals are attracted to catalytic converters because of the precious metals they contain: platinum, rhodium, and palladium. These metals are often worth thousands of dollars per ounce, which is why thieves take them straight to scrap yards or sell them to buyers online. If you’re a victim of catalytic converter theft, replacing a stolen one can cost you up to $3,000. 

Tips to Reduce Catalytic Converter Theft

There are some simple tips the public can use to deter catalytic converter theft, like parking your car in well-lit areas that are as close to a building entrance as possible. There are also catalytic converter anti-theft devices that can add an extra layer of protection. Having your VIN number etched on your catalytic converter can also help. 

How Video Surveillance Can Help 

But for property owners, video surveillance is needed to reduce Delaware catalytic converter theft. Most of these crimes occur in commercial parking lots, and a trained thief can make off with the stolen part in under one minute. Security guards may not have time to intervene before the crime is complete and the thief makes an escape.

Having the criminal captured on camera is the best way to partner with law enforcement and increase the odds of getting justice. 

Catalytic converter theft is a major problem. Now is the time to get the protection your property needs. For more information on installing or upgrading video surveillance, Delaware residents who manage commercial properties can call Security Instrument. 

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