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A Quick Security Management Checklist for Improving Office Safety

Office security management can be daunting for managers with little experience in this area. If the company promoted you, and you know nothing about security solutions available today or how to protect your office from burglars, then this article is for you. Here is some vital information on office security and a look at older solutions that don’t work.

How to Design the Best Open Floor Plan for Your New Office

Open office plans were popular in the past, but the 1980s and 1990s gave way to the cubicle farms that we all know. Now offices are bringing back open office plans to draw in more of the millennials and to achieve increased productivity. There are mixed reports on the success of open office plans. Occupational & Environmental Medicine reported in 2018 that an open floor plan might be healthier than other office floor plans.

Cloud Video and the Future of On-Demand Architecture

The future of cloud video surveillance is here, and it’s the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. Eagle Eye’s On-Demand architecture is truly a cloud-based platform and not a refit of old Windows or Linux software on the cloud. This solution was built specifically as a contemporary cloud-based platform for video surveillance and has many great features that make it the perfect secure option for video storage.


Quick Apprehension & Loss Prevention: Understanding Video Verification

Video verification is quickly becoming a business’s best friend. This innovative technology gives them the power to see exactly what’s happening on their property when something triggers an alarm.  Reveal video verification by Security Instrument is a loss prevention method saving companies time and significant amounts of money from theft and property damage.