Seasonal crime spikes are par for the course in the summer, underscoring the need for stronger business security. Delaware business owners can get that security quickly and easily, without high start-up costs. Here’s how.  

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There is a well-documented property crime wave in Delaware. Business security is needed more than ever to combat crimes ranging from burglary, to vandalism, to shoplifting, which cost businesses billions of dollars annually. Here’s the information you need as a business owner interested in protecting your investments. 

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Economic downturns present many challenges and uncertainties for businesses in America. Unfortunately, there’s also an uptick in criminal activity. Big cities such as New York City have reported an increase in crime from the beginning of last year compared to the beginning of this year. NYC  describes a 12 percent increase, even with people social distancing.

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The future of cloud video surveillance is here, and it’s the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. Eagle Eye’s On-Demand architecture is truly a cloud-based platform and not a refit of old Windows or Linux software on the cloud. This solution was built specifically as a contemporary cloud-based platform for video surveillance and has many great features that make it the perfect secure option for video storage.

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Video verification is quickly becoming a business’s best friend. This innovative technology gives them the power to see exactly what’s happening on their property when something triggers an alarm.  Reveal video verification by Security Instrument is a loss prevention method saving companies time and significant amounts of money from theft and property damage.

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Video verification is a revolutionary technology changing the security industry. When a business monitored by an alarm company receives an alarm, it’s difficult for the central alarm station to know the actual cause of it. With the Reveal Video Verification solution, operators can actually see if it’s a false alarm or legitimate emergency. Reveal is a cost-effective answer to a big problem.

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Remote video monitoring is a service that many organizations contemplate, but few truly understand until it is demonstrated to them. Here are some of the most critical things remote video monitoring can do for security.

Prevent Loitering, Vandalism and Theft

Schools, hospitals and office buildings are valuable institutions in our communities – but unfortunately, they are often prime targets for criminal activity. With remote video monitoring, administrators have crime prevention technology on their side. The service acts like a remote guard, touring the property on a scheduled basis just like a live security guard would. With a voice-down capability, the remote guard can communicate through a speaker to let trespassers know they’re being watched and law enforcement is on its way. This is designed to send them running and not return. Ideally, it won’t take long for word to spread that your property is no place for criminal mischief.

Supplement Live Security

Most institutional properties have a live security force; however, even the best guards cannot be in two places at once. With remote video monitoring, security staff can stay at their posts with confidence that remote areas of the property are still being watched closely. Clients can choose what types of security events warrant voice-down warnings, alarm activations, and notifications to onsite security.


The intelligent software communicates with the monitoring center when an event takes place, and an alert is triggered immediately. Guards can deploy to the site of the activity, but they are not required to have eyes in every direction; the service does that for them.

Make Security Budgets Manageable

Security staff is necessary, but hiring a full force of skilled guards can be expensive. Often, remote video monitoring costs a fraction of the amount a trained security guard earns. For organizations that need to manage the bottom line – and these days, that’s every organization – remote video monitoring can make good economic sense. Some clients opt to use the service afterhours only to ensure the property stays safe until morning. Depending on the type of organization you manage, there are different timeslots in which to consider utilizing the service.

Remote video monitoring may not be the only security service you need, but it can certainly fill security needs where gaps exist. To learn more, contact Security Instrument. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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