Video Monitoring: The Security Solution for Checking in On Your Business During Economic Downturns

Video Monitoring
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Economic downturns present many challenges and uncertainties for businesses in America. Unfortunately, there’s also an uptick in criminal activity. Big cities such as New York City have reported an increase in crime from the beginning of last year compared to the beginning of this year. NYC  describes a 12 percent increase, even with people social distancing.

Business owners need smart security solutions to protect their property. Video monitoring helps you manage security incidents at your business without responding to the location in person.

Set Customized Security Alerts

Instead of receiving an alert for everything on your property, you can receive notifications for the security events that you want to. The system will also send a video clip of the incident so you can verify whether or not it’s a true emergency. Set alerts for specific triggers like every time someone unlocks and opens a door after hours.

Video Monitoring Lets You Manage Emergencies at Work from a Distance

Video monitoring makes it easier than ever before to manage possible emergencies at work. Every time you get an alert, you can open a video feed of the incident using the security app on your mobile device. If it’s a false alarm, you can let the monitoring center know that there’s no need for a law enforcement response.

In the event of an emergency, you can let the alarm monitoring station know so they can notify law enforcement as soon as possible. A faster police response means that they may catch suspects on site instead of arriving after they’ve left.

Video monitoring is also beneficial for fires as well as other criminal activity. It captures critical video footage of the incident that you can share with the police and your insurance company. It can help with any criminal investigations and speed up any insurance claims.

When you integrate access control with video monitoring, you can manage the most important aspects of your business from anywhere. For more information on how video monitoring can help you secure your business, contact Security Instrument.


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