Some Factors to Consider Before You Have Your Access Control System Installed

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George Schneck
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Installing an access control system is not a one-step process and it’s easy to get lost if it’s your first access control technology. A professional security integrator should help you design and install this system to ensure nothing is left out. But it’s a good idea to know a little bit about the process so you can supervise and monitor the installation.

Do You Have a Plan for the Installation?

Each building and property have unique elements, and you need to create an effective plan for your new access control system before you start the installation process. Here are some things to do before installation:

  • Analyze site drawings and blueprints of your property
  • Confirm the requirements for the system in writing with the security company installing it
  • Obtain approval from local code and fire agencies to make sure the access control system design and installation comply with local, state, and federal codes.

Can the Access Control System You Choose Scale as Your Company Grows?

It’s critical to ensure that your access control solution can grow with your company. Consider if it would be easy to add new buildings, offices, or doors to your access control system in the future. Also, choose technology that won’t be obsolete in a couple of years. It should be an access control solution that includes current technology and integrates with your other security systems.

Are There Any Additional Features That You Want?

Decide if you want any additional features to the basic access control system. There are several add-ons to consider when buying access control technology:

  • Access control for parking
  • Compatibility with other security and fire systems you currently have so you can integrate it easily
  • Advanced security features such as fingerprint scanning and facial recognition
  • Cloud-based servers
  • Access control that uses mobile credentials
  • Wireless locking mechanisms and wireless access control for easier installation, setup, and continued maintenance

These are just a few things to consider when purchasing a new access control solution. Your security integrator can help you design the best system for your business and provide professional installation and continuing maintenance.


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