Choosing the Best Access Control Configuration for Your Business

George Schneck
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Every business is different. They have a unique layout and design, as well as risks and security challenges. Choosing an access control figuration is a critical task that can significantly affect the security of your building and property. Here are some factors to consider when setting up your access control system.

Are You Upgrading an Old Access Control System or Installing a New One?

Maybe you have an older access control system, and you want to upgrade it to a cloud-based access control and use smartphone credentials. Here are some of the upgrades you can incorporate.

  • Add mobile access
  • Connect the new card readers to your legacy control panel
  • Build-in one-touch access
  • Retain compatibility with low or high-frequency legacy keycards
  • Integrate real-time, cloud-based reporting with your current access control
  • With properties that have multiple buildings, install the Openpath Readersat in one building while still continuing the use of legacy keycards and badges at other buildings. You can manage it all with the cloud-based software.

You can construct a completely new access control system with hands-free, secure, and high-quality mobile access that works for all types of businesses and properties. Businesses choose Openpath for many reasons, including:

  • Real-time, cloud-based reporting that shows you who’s coming and going as well as when
  • Compatibility with all access control options such as smartphones, key fobs, touch, keycards, and Apple watch
  • Remote management and control
  • Increased security with the most innovative technology
  • Simple installation
  • System integrations with common smartphone and computer applications

What Access Control Components Do You Need?

When you think of the components you need for your business, note how many of each you need and if you need access control for every one of them. Here are some of the most common components.

  • Exterior doors-How many exterior doors do each of your buildings have, and do you want all of them added to your access control configuration? Who should have access to them on weekends and after hours?
  • Gates-: You probably need to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your property.
  • Extend access control to your gate system. Your gate should control bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles.
  • Interior doors-Complex access control systems can control every interior door, supply closet, or storage space. You should start with the most basic access control then go through the different departments in your business. After that, you should consider the ranks of people who need access from your highest-level managers down.
  • Elevators-You can even include elevators. You’ll need to think about how many different elevators you have and their location in the building. Additional access control components can be added, such as locked doors or turnstiles.
  • Other situations that need access control-These are the uncommon and complex problems such as dangerous or sensitive drugs that you need to restrict access to.

Keep these factors in mind when you design your access control configurations and contact a professional security integrator that can help you with the process.


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