Using Access Control To Manage Your Business During COVID-19

George Schneck
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Businesses are facing more security challenges than ever before in the age of COVID-19. For some, it’s business as usual, and the problem is limiting contact with people and items. Other people had to completely close their company and need to manage it from afar. Smart access control solutions can help you do both and continue working to make things safer and more secure for everyone once business resumes as normal.

Use Access Control for Hands-Free Access

Since social distancing is extremely critical to prevent the spread of COVID-19, limiting the items we touch around the office is important. Here are some ways you can get into your business without touching keypads or card readers.

  • Use the security app on your smartphone to unlock the door
  • Instead of touching the card reader with your hands use an inanimate object like your phone or a covered body part like your elbow or arm
  • Install an automatic door lock for total hands-free access

Unlock and Lock Your Business No Matter Where You Were

When you install the automatic door lock for more intelligent access control, you can lock and unlock the doors to your building from almost anywhere you are. Whether it’s for an employee that lost their credentials or an unexpected delivery when you’re not there, you can open the doors without running into the office.

Always Know What’s Going on at Your Business When You Can’t be There

Setting up IP video surveillance lets you operate your camera system when you can’t be on site. You can access IP security cameras remotely, so you always know what’s going on. You can even share video footage easily with others, especially if you choose cloud-based storage and recording.

Combine smart access control with video surveillance, and you have a powerful security solution. Your alarm system will send you alerts on access activity, so you always know when someone is in the building and who it is. You can even program the system to send you video alerts when someone accesses restricted areas as well.

These are just a few access control solutions that can help you keep an eye on your business if you can’t be there and limit contact around the office. For more information on how you can use access control during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact Security Instrument.


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