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Summertime Threats: How Businesses Can Get Prepared

Last year, summertime was the kickoff for months of violent crime in numerous cities. As summer of 2021 poses similar threats, law enforcement departments across the country are warning business owners to prepare for a second wave. The Wall Street Journal reports that as COVID restrictions begin easing and warm weather leads to more outdoor activity, police departments are readying for a potentially violent summer.

Is Your Home Secured for Spring Break?

Use our Spring Home Security tips below to get your home ready for warm weather. Remember, Security is not expensive, It is PRICELESS! 1. Doors & Windows: Make sure to close and lock your windows at night and when you are away from home. 2. Eliminate Hiding places: Clear away areas that are overgrown or […]

Smart Security for Total Office Automation

Business owners know: The amount of time spent managing business technology is taking too much time away from running the business itself. The solution to this is office automation, which relies on specific technology to remove the headaches of office management — and one big piece of the office automation puzzle is smart security technology. Here are some examples.

Necessities for Church Security Planning

No matter what size they are or where they are located, houses of worship need to make security a high priority. From robbery, to defacement, to physical threats against members and leaders, churches and synagogues are particularly vulnerable to crime. Criminals don’t expect places of worship to have the same kind of security protection that businesses do; the good news is, your congregation can prove them wrong by being prepared.

4 Employer Safety Tips You Can Use Today

Every seven seconds, an American is injured at work. Even more distressing is the idea that no industry is immune to injuries on the job. Fortunately, many employee injuries can be prevented. If you’re an employer, here are four safety tips you can use today.