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Elevating Your Commercial Security in Delaware this Year

In 2023, businesses that have been impacted by the increased crime of the past few years are looking for ways to improve the safety of everyone onsite. Fortunately, there are commercial security services that can help accomplish this. Here are some suggestions for elevating your commercial security this year, and ways we can help businesses in need of security throughout Delaware and its adjacent states. 

Fighting Holiday Porch Pirates Effectively

Research shows that 84% of Americans plan to have holiday gifts delivered to their home this year. But as anyone who has had a package stolen from their doorstep knows, those deliveries are at risk of not making it under the tree. That’s because porch pirates – thieves who steal packages from the front porches of their victims – are getting smarter, faster and more aggressive. Here are some of their new tactics, and how the right smart home security technology can help Tri-State area homeowners fight these thieves. 

Preventing Holiday Business Burglary in Retail

As local businesses continue to rebound after Covid-related setbacks, the holidays introduce an entirely new challenge to deal with: seasonal burglary. This is especially a concern for retail storefronts. Criminals know the holidays are a time when more valuable merchandise is inside, and more cash is in the register. 

Security for Car Dealerships

The automotive industry has long been a prime target for thieves, and that doesn’t stand to change. In fact, data reveals that the premium on parts like catalytic converters makes the industry more vulnerable now than ever before. A 2021 study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported an average of 1,203 catalytic converter thefts per month in 2020, affecting commercial businesses as well as consumers. To reduce vulnerabilities, car dealerships must elevate their security strategies. Here are some ways to do it. 

Summertime Threats: How Businesses Can Get Prepared

Last year, summertime was the kickoff for months of violent crime in numerous cities. As summer of 2021 poses similar threats, law enforcement departments across the country are warning business owners to prepare for a second wave. The Wall Street Journal reports that as COVID restrictions begin easing and warm weather leads to more outdoor activity, police departments are readying for a potentially violent summer.

Is Your Home Secured for Spring Break?

Use our Spring Home Security tips below to get your home ready for warm weather. Remember, Security is not expensive, It is PRICELESS! 1. Doors & Windows: Make sure to close and lock your windows at night and when you are away from home. 2. Eliminate Hiding places: Clear away areas that are overgrown or […]