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Cloud Video and the Future of On-Demand Architecture

The future of cloud video surveillance is here, and it’s the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. Eagle Eye’s On-Demand architecture is truly a cloud-based platform and not a refit of old Windows or Linux software on the cloud. This solution was built specifically as a contemporary cloud-based platform for video surveillance and has many great features that make it the perfect secure option for video storage.


Quick Apprehension & Loss Prevention: Understanding Video Verification

Video verification is quickly becoming a business’s best friend. This innovative technology gives them the power to see exactly what’s happening on their property when something triggers an alarm.  Reveal video verification by Security Instrument is a loss prevention method saving companies time and significant amounts of money from theft and property damage.


Improving Your Bottom Line with Video Verification Solutions

Video verification is a revolutionary technology changing the security industry. When a business monitored by an alarm company receives an alarm, it’s difficult for the central alarm station to know the actual cause of it. With the Reveal Video Verification solution, operators can actually see if it’s a false alarm or legitimate emergency. Reveal is a cost-effective answer to a big problem.

Preparing for The Worst: Mass Notification Systems for Hotels

In figures provided in 2015, these fires resulted in annual losses of 9 civilian deaths, 120 civilian injuries, and $84 million in direct property damage. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that hotel fires happen frequently. Does the audible sound of the fire alarm suffice? Not always – and that’s why mass notification solutions are so important.

Gunshot Detection: What Is It?

Mass shooting incidents are difficult to plan for because they happen in seconds, and no business, university campus, or municipality is the same. Technology now has an excellent solution to locate active shooters so that law enforcement and first responders can stop the threat sooner and render aid to victims.