How A Simple Change Can Optimize Camera Coverage of Long Corridors

Bob Gamble
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It is possible to have the right security camera and not use it optimally. This is often the case when monitoring long narrow areas in commercial places. Capturing images in long narrow spaces is very difficult and until recently the only security camera options produced images with lots of useless area of wall space on either side and a very limited view of the passageway intended to be covered. However, a simple change can optimize security camera coverage of long corridors and make a huge difference in your ability to monitor a long narrow space.

The Problem With Hallways

Traditional security camera set-up provides a landscape view, or a 16:9 ratio. This is perfect if you are covering a large, wide area such as a retail floor space, conference room, lobbies or parking lots. It is not the best option for a long narrow space. Why? The image orientation results in a scene with lots of redundant space on the sides, with perhaps only one-third of the image in the middle being valuable and the other two-thirds being a wall. This means that the full area and resolution of the security camera’s sensor are not being fully utilized and anything occurring outside the limited useful view is completely missed.

Corridor View Solves the Problem

Using Avigilon HD Dome Camera and software corridor reorients the image to a “portrait” view suitable for long narrow spaces. This eliminates the unnecessary view of empty wall space and provides additional and sharper images of the actual occupied space. Essentially, it takes the 16:9 ratio and changes it to 9:16 maximizing coverage and eliminating bandwidth waste.

Achieving Corridor View

Different cameras achieve corridor view in different ways. Some cameras can be installed so that the body is rotated, and therefore the image rotated 90 degrees using the camera’s settings and configurations. Some models provide the ability to rotate the lens and the camera’s sensor after it is mounted (sometimes remotely). Still, other models crop the view to produce the landscape configured image. The result is a high quality, vertically oriented video stream optimized for your application.

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