Is Cloud Based Access Control and Video Surveillance Right for Your Business?

Bob Gamble
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Security and surveillance systems for businesses come with many options, and not all of them are right for every business. One of the options business owners face is whether a cloud-based system is best. When considering cloud based security options, think about long-term security goals as well as modern security threats such as internal crime like employee theft, and external threats from today’s sophisticated criminals.

Access control and video surveillance technologies are rapidly evolving, largely due to wireless and cloud-based capacities. But why should a business consider a cloud-based system? Here are just a few of the important advantages of cloud-based access control and video surveillance.

Manage Multiple Sites

Having a cloud-based security infrastructure means you can expand to multiple locations and manage each of them remotely from one platform. This means you can manage video surveillance and physical security for hundreds of locations—viewing live video, locking doors, granting or suspending access, and monitor activity logs all from your mobile phone or tablet no matter where you are.

Increased Flexibility

With increased wireless capabilities, securing doors, elevators, entrances, and exits is uninhibited. This provides the possibility of unlimited coverage and control with faster, less disruptive installations.

Remote Management

Cloud-based access control and video surveillance allows the user or administrator to view, control, and manage security remotely from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This means that you can respond to security needs real time, receive security alerts, and ensure that safety and procedural practices are upheld all from a mobile application.

Monitor Live Stream Video

The ability to have a wide view of activity even when you are not in the facility provides a huge advantage in monitoring the lobby, sales floor, POS, or stockrooms.

Improved System Health

Cloud-based systems also provide advantage in keeping your security system in optimum working health with automatic system updates, and cyber resilience and requiring minimal IT support.

Customized Security Reports

Another huge advantage is the ability to customize security reports with rules based email and texts. Depending on your needs, rules based texts can alert you to suspicious activity such as increased traffic by loading and unloading docks for example.

Centralize and Simplify Facility Security Operations

The advanced features offered by cloud-based security systems reduces the complexity of implementation and operation while reducing risk.

Security solutions should do more than provide security. They should also enhance your business operations by providing invaluable business insight and unlimited management capabilities. Security Instrument Corp. customizes the right system for your concerns, whether you’re the owner of a small business or Security Director of a Fortune 500 company.