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In the “old days” of electronic security, getting the most value out of a security system was merely equivalent to making sure it was working. But now, getting your money’s worth out of your security system is an entirely different matter – especially for a business that’s concerned about its bottom line. How can you make the most of what you have? Here are some tips.

Utilize Everything the System Has to Offer

When you have a system that can be automated, take advantage of that by programming your system to create scenes – in other words, create a series of commands for the system so that multiple things can happen with one tap of your smartphone app. When you arrive in the morning, tap on the app to disarm the alarm, turn on lights and get the AC going. The lights and AC commands alone can cut help a business down on overhead.

Let Go of Old Habits

“Out with the old, in with the new.” Now that you have the ability to set scenes that control some of the most important functions of your business property, it’s time to break the old habits that are costing you money: flipping the lights on and off manually around the clock or leaving the AC on all summer rather than managing it with your security app, for example. As far as the alarm goes, it’s time to stop entering the code at the keypad; it’s 2018 and you can disarm it with your smartphone. How does that save you money? For one thing, it greatly reduces the risk of false alarms, which most cities are known to issue fines for.

Ask for a Thorough Demonstration

The best way to learn about getting the most value from your security system is to ask your integrator to demonstrate operating it for you. Before your setup is complete, you should know how to give commands through the smartphone app that perform all the functions you plan to use the system for. To speak with a security integrator that can do this, contact Security Instrument for a complimentary assessment. We offer one of the most thorough security system consultations in Delaware. 

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