Security Solutions for Government Properties in the Mid-Atlantic

Security Solutions for Government Properties in the Mid-Atlantic
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From military bases to K-12 public schools, government property security is currently a heightened concern. Whether you manage security for a federal property or a local municipal campus, you need security solutions that address the current risks you’re facing. At Security Instrument, here are the solutions we recommend. 

Video Surveillance Upgrades

When a high profile incident happens, it’s often discovered that the video surveillance coverage onsite was insufficient. If there are areas of the property that lack camera coverage, now is the time to fill the gaps. Security Instrument can install cameras that work with your existing equipment, so that only a partial upgrade is needed. We have extensive experience with government security throughout the Mid-Atlantic, which qualifies us to address your video surveillance project. Let us help you identify where the vulnerabilities are and address them promptly, so that the property gets the comprehensive monitoring it needs. 

Access Control Protection

Government properties are among the most security sensitive areas in operation, and they require extra protection in their most restricted areas. Electronic access control systems can provide that protection, by requiring authorized entrants to use an activated credential to unlock doors and gates. Those who do not possess an active credential will not be granted entry. Government clients can choose from a variety of credentials, from cards and keyfobs to biometric solutions like fingerprint ID, facial recognition, and even retina eye scanning. We’re ready to give your restricted areas the extra protection they need. 

Report Ready Intelligence 

On government properties, both video surveillance and access control can provide valuable intelligence for decision makers. Video analytics can extract identifying details on individuals who are captured on your cameras, and access control can create reports on demand that show every entry attempt to your restricted areas.

This intelligence is ideal for audits, policy decision meetings, conduct investigations, and other critical events that happen on government properties. 

Government properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic have trusted Security Instrument to implement the video surveillance and access control solutions they need for a more impenetrable environment. To discuss the needs of a government property you manage, call us to request a complimentary consultation. 


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