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Government properties of all sizes are mandated to have rock solid security systems. That’s what Security Instrument provides: government security throughout the Tri-State Area that’s comprised of the most modern technology available, and aligned with today’s most critical security needs. Those needs are often driven by security trends, identified here. 

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Onsite surveillance is a given for any government property. Employees know the premises are outfitted with cameras and being monitored for security events. The key to implementing that type of security properly is working with a contractor that has extensive government security experience. Tri-State Area government properties in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania can trust us to meet their needs, from basic intrusion detection and central station services to video surveillance and remote video services that monitor the premises afterhours. 

Next Level Access Control 

Access control systems have come a long way in recent years, and it’s incumbent upon government properties to be on the cusp of what’s available. Your site is no longer relegated to card credentials and keyfobs; today, there are next level solutions like biometric access control with infrared technology. Its mechanisms include fingerprint ID, facial recognition, retina eye scanning and more. These methods can authenticate the identity of employees and other approved occupants on the premises, whether people are entering as individuals or in groups. This is the next level access control every government property needs. 

Business Intelligence

Video analytics are a key to security success in the private sector, and they prove to be even more valuable for government security. In the Tri-State Area, government properties are no different. Video analytics can provide valuable business intelligence to make policy decisions, protect residents and boost local economies.

To deliver the business intelligence needed to make informed decisions, Security Instrument has video surveillance equipped with AI analytics.

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Government facilities need the best solutions the electronic security industry has to offer, and Security Instrument has it. To hear what’s available, call our government security experts for the Tri-State Area now. 

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