Numerous security concerns have arisen for businesses over the past year, but there’s nothing new about the need to keep the doors locked. However, employee keys are becoming antiquated for today’s businesses. Now, the practice of replacing keys with the modern method of keyless entry is widespread.

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Purchasing a new security system for your business might seem out of reach. But thankfully, modern security equipment integrates with your current security system so you can save money while getting the latest in security technology. Here’s what an intelligent business security system can do for you.

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Still using traditional locks and keys to secure your business? If so, you’re missing out on the convenience of unlocking and locking your business remotely, handy automation, and managing users easily. So, read on to learn why you need to trade in traditional old school security solutions for smart access control that provides convenience and security.

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As companies across the country continue to open again for business, they have struggled to adapt to the new normal. Social distancing guidelines and hygienic procedures call for new security measures that protect the health and safety of employees and visitors. Modern security technology, such as access control, helps you manage your business and can help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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As each day passes, we continue to see the far-reaching effects of COVID-19 as things slowly level out to a new normal. Yet, businesses still struggle to find lasting solutions to reduce the spread of the virus months after its onset. Thankfully, commercial video surveillance is one of the available solutions to help fight this invisible threat.

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Multi-tenant housing is a unique residential and business structure that requires a different approach to security. You need to balance the need for security restricted areas while still allowing residents the access they need to the property. An upgraded access control system from Openpath and Security Instrument provides the solution to better security for apartment complexes.

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As businesses everywhere struggle to create new security protocols to meet guidelines and regulations for COVID-19, social unrest across the nation continues to cause more security problems. Access control is a critical part of any security system, and now there’s a future-proof, scalable, and more secure access control solution- Openpath’s enterprise access control system.

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The extraordinary global impact of COVID-19 has affected all of us – and now, employers must determine how they can facilitate a safe return for their employees and visitors. Here’s how to get started, including one technologically advanced way to manage and trace who is onsite.

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A security system is an essential component of every business, and regular maintenance is vital to secure your company and assets as well as protect your employees and visitors. Your security system becomes ineffective as soon as you stop maintaining it. Essentially, it’s like leaving the front doors of your business open and putting a sign outside that welcomes criminals.

Here are three critical reasons why routine preventative maintenance of your access control should be at the top of your list.

1.      To Prevent Theft from Within

Unfortunately, you would like to think that all your employees are honest. However, that’s not always the case. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that 75 percent of employees say that they’ve stolen from their employers at least once. Hiscox, an insurance company, found that 80 percent of these thefts occur in small businesses with under 150 employees. Internal theft is one of the reasons many small businesses fail.

Often, small businesses don’t have the right control in place, like access control systems. If they do, they don’t maintain them the way they are supposed to.

First, you need to identify those sensitive areas that need restricted access like data centers, storage rooms, and other places you keep sensitive information, expensive equipment, or machinery and tools. You must secure these areas and grant access only to those who need it. If you have access control and already restrict these areas, you must regularly check the components to make sure they work and that the locks function properly. Plus, it’s critical to make sure that everyone uses the access control system as intended.

2.      So that You Only Let the Right People Enter Your Business

Modern access control systems make it easy and convenient for the people you want to enter your business but extremely difficult for the wrong ones to enter. But the likelihood of a security breach increases significantly, if you don’t do maintenance on your system regularly and especially your access control.

Employees lose their access cards, and lock mechanisms break. Once that happens, people start propping doors open for convenient access. If you’re not testing your system and maintaining it properly, more components break, and it makes your business easier to break into. According to 2017 crime statistics, there were approximately 7,694,086 property crimes in the United States. Many of those stemmed from incidents where the wrong people gained access to the wrong places.

3.      So You Always Know Who Comes and Goes from Your Property

Today’s access control lets you monitor who comes and goes from your business. You can see reports on monthly, weekly, and even daily access to your business. But these reports are only accurate if you maintain your system.

Employees use each other’s access cards, so you’re no longer tracking who you think you’re tracking. This makes managers less sure about what’s really happening when they pull access control reports.

So, it’s important to remember that even the best access control system needs regular maintenance, or it can fail. For more information on maintaining your access control system, contact Security Instrument.


Security Instrument is a full-service, independently-owned security integrator that offers numerous options for homes and businesses, including access control. A Delaware-based company, Security Instrument serves thousands of customers located throughout Delaware, MD, NJ & PA.

COVID-19 introduced many unique security problems for businesses world-wide. As they struggled to come up with adequate solutions, they realized that they needed better security options. Enhanced security would help prevent further spreading of the virus and ensure the safety and health of employees and visitors. That’s where new thermal cameras come in.

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