Better Bar and Restaurant Security in 2023

Better Bar and Restaurant Security in 2023
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Throughout the Tri-State Area, our cities and townships are making intentional efforts to create safer dining and social environments in 2023. Everything from alcohol service to high amounts of onsite cash can put a restaurant at risk of theft and legal liabilities. This risk calls for advanced security camera technology. If your current cameras aren’t recording clearly enough to identify faces, monitor the alcohol consumption behavior of patrons, and make sure the cash is being handled properly, it’s time for a strategic camera conversion. Here’s what you may be interested in as you boost your bar or restaurant security this new year. 

High Definition Cameras

With high definition IP or megapixel security cameras, you can get the higher resolution you need for true business intelligence at your dining establishment. When compared to the legacy camera systems at many bars and restaurants, IP and megapixel are both far more effective at helping law enforcement identify people engaging in suspicious behavior. Whether someone is stealing, starting a fight or staging a slip and fall incident, you can see their actions in clear view by upgrading to high definition cameras.  

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

High traffic restaurants need enough camera coverage to capture every individual who enters and exits, and zoom in on them if needed. With pan tilt zoom cameras, this is the kind of coverage that can be achieved. With this more advanced level of camera surveillance, management can identify when patrons are arriving or leaving intoxicated, or when they are involved in an altercation on the property.

These cameras can also deliver 360° visibility of the tables, which could be useful for identifying overserved patrons who are not sitting at the bar. 

Low Light Cameras 

For many establishments, dimmed lighting is an important part of the ambiance. Setting the mood with soft lighting can be great for business, but it can also compromise the quality of your camera footage. In some cases, it may prevent you from making accurate conclusions about the activity taking place at your establishment. Low light cameras, also known as day/night cameras, can be the solution you need. With these cameras, you can see faces more clearly and identify behaviors more quickly. 

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For better restaurant security in 2023, Tri-State Area establishments can call Security Instrument. We will be happy to discuss these camera conversion options with you. 

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