Environmental Monitoring for Business Security

Environmental Monitoring
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In some sectors, environmental monitoring is critical. If it’s important for a facility you manage, then imagine the convenience of having it as part of your business security service. Security Instrument can make that possible, by delivering the following environmental monitoring services to your enterprise. 

Temperature Control 

In healthcare, laboratory testing and other clinical settings, temperature control is essential. Our environmental monitoring can ensure a monitored room or space is maintaining critical temperatures for everything from patient lab specimens to organ transplant assets. Your authorized administrators will receive an alert the moment a temperature fluctuation is detected. 

We also provide temperature control for foodservice applications. Your restaurant, cafe or market can benefit from temperature monitoring that alerts management if a cooler or freezer falls out of the specified temperature range. This is an outstanding preventive tool to avoid food spoilage and preserve raw ingredients. 

Water Sensors 

Water leaks can result in high costs and irreversible damage to any business. If a water main breaks, a small leak goes undetected, or rain seeps through an older roof, the outcome can be devastating. With water detection, your building managers will receive an alert when your water sensors detect rising water on the floor.

This is one environmental monitoring service that can benefit nearly any type of facility. 

Gas Detection 

A gas leak may not always cause physical damage (unless a fire results). But even if it doesn’t result in damage to the premises, a gas leak is a serious health hazard to all those onsite. With gas detection, your management can be alerted when a gas leak is present so that you can call the utility provider immediately to have it addressed. We also recommend carbon monoxide detection, which alerts you in the event of odorless, dangerous CO2 in the building. 

Environmental monitoring is not a luxury; we believe it’s essential. To inquire about environmental monitoring alongside our business security services, call Security Instrument today. 

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