3 Repercussions of False Alarms

3 Repercussions of False Alarms
Bob Gamble
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New customers of our Delaware security company often inquire about the consequences of false alarms. When an alarm is triggered for a reason other than intrusion, it is much more than an audible nuisance. Here are some of the main repercussions of false alarms, and why avoiding them should be taken seriously.

Incurring Fees and Fines

Research shows that two out of three security system owners have paid a fee or a fine for a false alarm. Although the fees vary by the alarm ordinances of cities and counties, research shows that the average false alarm fine is $150. In some municipalities, an alarm permit may be revoked or suspended for a year or more after a specific number of false alarms.

Be sure to find out how repeated false alarms are laid out in your city or county’s alarm ordinance.

Delaying Police Response

Unfortunately, responding to false alarm calls can quickly consume valuable police department resources that are already heavily impacted by whatever else is going on in the community. Often, responding to calls that turn out to be false alarms can lead to officer delays in responding to emergencies, from public safety concerns to crimes in progress. No one wants to be responsible for a delayed response to an emergency in their community; this is why avoiding false alarms is no small matter.

Dissatisfying the Experience

One of the most basic, yet overlooked repercussions of repeated false alarms is a dissatisfactory experience for the alarm owner. According to market research firm Parks Associates, more than 60% of security system owners report they have experienced a false alarm in the past 12 months. Often, the dissatisfaction leads to canceling the monitoring service on the alarm system — never a good idea. The only way to ensure your alarm system will receive a police response is to have a service contract in place with a licensed monitoring center.

These are the primary reasons why security system owners need to avoid false alarms, whether the system is for home or business. There are ways to minimize your risk of false alarms occurring, and Security Instrument has services that can help. Call our Delaware security company today to learn more.


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