Using Lighting as Business Security to Fight Delaware Vandalism

Using Lighting as Business Security to Fight Delaware Vandalism
Bob Gamble
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It was recently reported that Destruction, Vandalism and Damage of Property is at the top of the list for the five most reported crimes in Delaware. Fortunately, there is security technology that can help you protect your business from these crimes. Alarms and video surveillance are critical, but you can start with an even more low tech solution. For instance, one of the most underrated, yet powerful ways to protect your business is with better lighting. 

Many business owners are unsure whether the lighting on their premises is satisfactory. Often, business properties can benefit from additional illumination — even when there are some lights left on afterhours. Here are some places on the premises where you may be able to improve your lighting. 

Parking Lots

If you haven’t bathed your parking areas in light, now is the time. Parking lots are playgrounds for vandals, and vehicle owners could attempt to hold you liable if they are victimized. 

Building Exteriors

Vandals will take any opportunity to hide themselves, and nighttime makes it even easier.

Take away their cover by adding more lights to your building exterior. 

Building Interiors

Whether it’s your merchandise floor, your inventory room or your cash register and safes, your interior is highly vulnerable to vandals and thieves. Protect those areas by keeping the lights on all night. 

Before your business is victimized by those who would commit vandalism, graffiti and property damage, ask us about security technology that can put your lighting on autopilot. You’ll be able to control lights from your smartphone, making it cost effective and energy efficient. For more information on using lighting as business security in Delaware, call Security Instrument. We look forward to assisting you. 


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