More Business Security to Fight Delaware Vandalism

More Business Security to Fight Delaware Vandalism
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The five most reported crimes in Delaware include Destruction, Vandalism and Damage of Property. We’ve already talked about how maximizing your lighting can help you reduce your risk of being victimized by vandalism; now, it’s time to discuss other ways to improve your business security. Delaware business owners can do more to fight vandalism with these measures. 

Neighborhood Watch

One Department of Justice report on business and community development explains how vandalism spreads. It says that criminals see small amounts of vandalism as a “signal that a neighborhood is uncared for.” This “creates the perception that these places are left available for criminal activities” — so they target these neighborhoods again and again, perpetuating the cycle of destruction. It’s tragic, and you can protect your business and community from it by joining or forming a neighborhood watch with the other businesses on your block. Five decades after law enforcement first developed the neighborhood watch model, it still works in communities across the country.

By acting as allies, you and your neighbors can send a clear message to criminals that vandalism will not be tolerated.

Video Monitoring 

Monitored video surveillance is still one of the best preventive measures against the costly losses and damage of vandalism. Reveal, our low cost video monitoring solution, is a great way to boost your business security without high start-up costs. lead to the police apprehension of those who attempt it. Ask us about video surveillance systems that let you view your footage from your secure online login, even your smartphone. You’ll have access to live or recorded video images from wherever you are (even your summer vacation spot). It’s also perfect for anyone who operates multiple locations, and the intelligent, automated features can save you time and money all year long.

No one wants vandalism to impact them. Take steps to protect your business now by improving your lighting, joining a neighborhood watch, and using video monitoring to boost your business security. Delaware business owners can learn more about our Reveal video monitoring solution by calling Security Instrument now. 


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