Church Security Solutions Every Congregation Needs

Church Security Solutions Every Congregation Needs
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Churches and other worship centers throughout the region are gearing up for the high traffic holiday season, when they tend to welcome more visitors than other time of year. If a church is lacking in security technology, it can be a risky time of year as well. Security Instrument has installed church security throughout Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 1960; we know the security challenges that church properties face, and we have solutions to help meet them head-on. Here are some of the security objectives we can help church security managers accomplish. 

Monitoring Common Areas 

From the sanctuary, to the lobby, to the children’s playground, the common areas where visitors of all ages gather are sacred spaces. For the protection of everyone who occupies them, these areas should be monitored with reliable video surveillance. Security Instrument has high definition cameras that store footage in the cloud or on local NVR. Both storage methods allow church administrators to access recorded video clips any time through the mobile device or computer of their choice.

A secure web connection is all that’s needed to view the footage on demand. 

Managing Childcare Security

Most churches offer childcare services, but some parents are hesitant to utilize them out of a concern for safety. When a church childcare program has its own security technology, parents can feel more confident about leaving their young ones in the care of workers. We recommend our customized visitor ID management and access control solutions. These systems feature verified check in and check out functions, enabling parents to check their kids in and out themselves. Workers can also be required to check in and out. Meanwhile, security administrators can turn access on and off for workers at any time. It’s a modern security solution for today’s church childcare programs. 

Mitigating Vandalism

Sadly, vandalism on American churches and other worship centers have increased by more than 170% in the last five years. While it may be difficult to stop vandalism completely, churches can reduce incidents by adding on remote video monitoring. This service monitors the exterior of the property, so that any human motion that occurs afterhours triggers the cameras to record and signals the central station. From there, a live security agent will view the video in real time and can implement the appropriate security protocol for whatever is taking place. If you manage security for a church property and are looking to reduce incidents of vandalism or intrusion, ask us about this value-added service. 

Call Security Instrument to Learn More

These are some of the most urgent security challenges that today’s church properties face, and some of the most practical technology available for overcoming them. For more information on these church security solutions in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania , call Security Instrument now at (888) 326-8936. We look forward to assisting you. 


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