Security Flexibility Through Your System’s Keypad

Security Flexibility Through Your System's Keypad
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Once upon a time, commercial security systems were an “all or nothing” proposition that offered you two choices: Arm the system for the entire property, or don’t arm it at all. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. The solutions are much more flexible now, thanks to an easy-to-use graphic touchscreen keypad. Delaware business security customers of Security Instrument can use their simple arming options menu on the keypad panel to choose which sections of the property need protection, at whatever times they choose.


Perimeter Protection

When you select the “perimeter” option on your security keypad, the system will provide protection to the perimeter of your building. Perimeter protection means the alarm is armed for your building exterior only. The exterior doors and windows will be secured, but the sensors inside your building will be unarmed. This allows for free movement throughout the inside of the premises, while the outside remains protected by the alarm.

All Protection

Using your keypad to select the “all” arming option means that both the perimeter and the interior of your property will be protected. This is best for afterhours, weekends and any time the building will be vacant for a period of time. Your site administrator can use the keypad to quickly arm the entire building at the end of every day, and rest assured that it will be protected with vigilant sensors that will quickly activate the alarm in the event of an intrusion.

Additional Features

The graphic touchscreen keypad is your on-premises window to everything your business security system can do. One of the most helpful security features on the keypad is the panic button, which you can find on the carousel menu. In the event you need to use the panic button, simply press and hold the desired shield to indicate whether you need police, emergency or fire services.

In addition, you can use your keypad to enable Z-wave features for energy and money saving on lighting and indoor climate control.

And, keep in mind: You or your site administrator can also manage the security system from anywhere with a smartphone. To learn more about using your graphic touchscreen keypad, check out this video; and for those who have not yet taken steps to protect their properties with business security, Delaware businesses can contact Security Instrument. We look forward to assisting you.

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