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As security integrators, it’s easy to get pigeonholed into the installation and deployment phase of our services. The truth is, our expertise begins even before the design phase of your equipment. Here are the steps we take as we prepare to integrate your security system, from design to deployment. 

Step 1: Two-Way Communication

A one-size-fits-all approach to security equipment is dangerous. That’s why every security integrator should listen to the client’s needs before beginning the design of a new system. We listen to you describe your concerns about building traffic, vulnerable areas, prior security incidents and more. We also ask the right questions to inform the plan we create. 

Step 2: Have the Basics Ready

Although we are designing a custom security system, the pieces of equipment that comprise our design should be ready and available. This reduces the time you spend waiting for your new system to be installed. Our goal is to avoid the wait times associated with ordering parts and creating workarounds for things that aren’t available. We aim to have the building blocks of your system on hand, so that integration and installation can happen on an optimal timeline. 

Step 3: Detail-Oriented Design

Designing your system entails more than piecing together parts and devices. Because we have performed property walkthroughs, site surveys and risk evaluations, we have greater insight into what’s needed in your design. As we create your system, we also perform stringent product testing so that it will be as effective as possible once deployed. This attention to detail is what you want from your security integrator. 

Step 4: Compliant Deployment 

If your organization is regulated and encumbered with compliance requirements, you need a security integrator that can help. Security Instrument is prepared to comply with your organization’s policies and procedures, with equipment that’s certified by the manufacturers for a fully compliant, more streamlined deployment of the system. 

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By following these important steps from design to deployment, we can improve your likelihood of long-term project success and lower total cost of ownership. To benefit from our technical expertise when you need a new commercial security system, contact Security Instrument and request a security assessment. 

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