Fire and Life Safety Solutions for Churches

Fire and Life Safety Solutions for Churches
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Churches and other places of worship are especially vulnerable to environmental dangers like fire and carbon monoxide (CO). Here are some facts on the risk of fires and carbon monoxide leaks at churches, and how Security Instrument can design a custom fire alarm system so that Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania can be protected. 

Church Fires Caused by Arson

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that an average of 1,300 church fires are reported each year in the United States; in fact, fires caused by arson are far more common at houses of worship than in most other kinds of structures. These fires cause $38 million in property loss. According to the PEW Research Center, arson is the leading cause of church fires; sadly, they report, more than 50% of the church fires in the last 20 years were started intentionally. 

Other Causes of Church Fires 

While arson is the biggest risk, it isn’t the only cause of church fires. FEMA reports that the second leading cause of fires at churches (30%) is mechanical failure. Some of the most common mechanical failures that lead to church fires are faulty electrical wiring, and heating or HVAC systems that are not up to code. Bad mechanics in an older building are a recipe for fire, and this is the case in many churches. Another potential fire culprit is church kitchens, which often contain older appliances and are used by volunteers without proper training. 

Carbon Monoxide Leaks at Churches

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas that can emit from improperly ventilated appliances, such as clothes dryers and ovens. Often, people do not know they are exposed to it until they experience the symptoms of illness. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide leaks are an entirely too common occurrence at churches. The headlines don’t lie; in incident after incident, dozens of church goers can become ill or perish at the same time due to being exposed to carbon monoxide while gathered as a congregation.

To prevent this from happening at churches, it is critical to have a working CO detector installed; for optimal protection, be sure to replace it every five years.   

Call Security Instrument to Learn More

These are some of the most urgent environmental risks that today’s church properties face, and how Security Instrument can address them. To discuss our carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms for churches in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, call Security Instrument now. at (888) 326-8936. We’re ready to help. 


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