Staying Safe from Summer Security Risks

Staying Safe from Summer Security Risks
Bob Gamble
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The summer can be a time of heightened criminal risks in all regions, including ours. In fact, the D.C. Metro Police recently unveiled a new summer crime fighting plan they hope will help them keep criminal activity under control this year. As a business owner, you can help keep yourself, your customers and your assets safer by taking the following measures. 


The presence of cameras simply isn’t enough anymore. To stay on top of summer security risks, you need to connect your entire video surveillance system with your alarm panel using a reliable video monitoring solution. This will ensure that whenever human motion triggers your cameras to begin recording, a live security agent will see your video in real time. This integration is essential afterhours protection, because the agent can quickly assess the threat level and determine whether police should be dispatched. The artificial intelligence in the cameras initiates recording, while the human intelligence element of having a live agent view your video can help you reduce false alarms. It’s an effective summer security measure. 


Smash and grab burglaries, where criminals break glass windows to quickly grab merchandise, tends to spike high during the summer. Fortunately, monitoring for smash and grab activity is available as a security service through Security Instrument. When your glass is smashed, the vibrations trigger your audible alarm; at the same time, an alarm signal will be sent to the monitoring center for immediate help. The live agent can dispatch police to location right away, and many departments will be likely to prioritize your event because of the live verification.  


With kids out of school, warmer weather and longer daylight hours, businesses of all kinds are more vulnerable to trespassing during the summer. To reduce the risk of mischief makers trespassing on your property, you can protect offices, inventory areas or entire buildings with an access control system. Reports can be delivered on demand, so you’ll always know if someone attempted to enter without an authorized credential. You control who gets those credentials, and can easily add and delete users from a single secure portal on your own device.

There’s no better time to install access control than summer. 

Summer is a risky time of year, but your business can be protected when you make these moves for security improvement. To learn more about any of these security technologies, call Security Instrument this summer. 


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