Easy Video Monitoring for Business Security in Delaware

Easy Video Monitoring for Business Security in Delaware
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Seasonal crime spikes are par for the course in the summer, underscoring the need for stronger business security. Delaware business owners can get that security quickly and easily, without high start-up costs. Here’s how.  

Reveal Video Monitoring

Reveal is our low-cost video monitoring solution. Unlike video surveillance systems that force you to purchase new equipment, Reveal can work with your existing cameras and monitored security system — no additional start-up costs necessary. It easily integrates with your existing alarm panel and can connect with up to four security cameras on your premises. 

When human-activated motion triggers an alarm on one of your connected cameras, Reveal sends footage of the event to the monitoring center immediately.

The monitoring agent can use your live video to verify whether the event is a crime in progress; if it is, they will dispatch law enforcement to your location. This is a simple, yet powerful video monitoring solution to help you defend your business against summer crime. 

Smash and Grab Protection

Smash and grab burglaries tend to spike during the summer; as a business owner, you need extra technologies to protect your property from this destructive crime. One that we highly recommend is smash and grab protection, which we can add to your existing alarm system by integrating glass break detectors that trigger your alarm signal the moment glass breaks. The sound vibrations of the glass will trigger your alarm, which reaches the monitoring center so agents can get police to your location. During the vulnerable summer months, you don’t want to be without it. 

These are two of the most important ways you can fight criminal risks in the summer using business security. Delaware business owners should call Security Instrument to get started; we’re ready to help. 


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