Fighting Property Crime in Delaware with Video Monitoring

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There is a well-documented property crime wave in Delaware. Business security is needed more than ever to combat crimes ranging from burglary, to vandalism, to shoplifting, which cost businesses billions of dollars annually. Here’s the information you need as a business owner interested in protecting your investments. 

Delaware Property Crime Statistics 

Property crime is broad terminology, but it includes the crimes of theft, shoplifting, and vehicle theft, all of which are on the rise throughout the state. Take these statistics, first published by the Delaware Business Times: 

  • The rate of property crime per 100,000 Delaware residents has been higher than the national average every year since 2015. 
  • Theft is the most reported property crime in Delaware, accounting for 78% of all major non-violent crimes in the state.
  • Shoplifting of retail establishments accounts for roughly one-third of the thefts reported in Delaware.

For small businesses, property crimes like theft and vandalism can be especially devastating. These crimes can cost the business not just a loss in inventory, but a loss of customers as well, as people begin avoiding establishments that have a reputation for being targeted.

Sometimes, small businesses shut their doors for good because of property crime. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Preventing Property Crime in Delaware

The good news is that property crime is preventable with business security solutions like video monitoring. Delaware businesses can fill security gaps and put a watchful eye on the property at all times with Reveal, our low-cost video monitoring solution. Reveal works with the monitored system you already have; it will connect with your alarm panel and up to four security cameras on your property. If your alarm is triggered on a connected camera, Reveal will send the video to our monitoring center so the event can be verified as a crime in progress. This is designed to get police to your location faster. 

Additional Property Crime Prevention

In addition to our video monitoring solution, we advise commercial property owners to make buildings as difficult to enter as possible. We offer electronic  access control systems to transform traditional doors into impenetrable entry points. We also encourage you to add glass break detection to your alarm monitoring, so that a broken window will quickly trigger your alarm. To learn about any of the electronic security solutions mentioned here, call Security Instrument. We are ready to help you fight property crime and protect your business. 

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