Cloud Video and the Future of On-Demand Architecture

Cloud video surveilance
George Schneck
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The future of cloud video surveillance is here, and it’s the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. Eagle Eye’s On-Demand architecture is truly a cloud-based platform and not a refit of old Windows or Linux software on the cloud. This solution was built specifically as a contemporary cloud-based platform for video surveillance and has many great features that make it the perfect secure option for video storage.

Onsite Video Surveillance Management

The onsite cloud management appliance constantly communicates with your security cameras and makes sure that even if the internet goes down, they continue to record. The appliance monitors the status of your surveillance cameras, ensuring that no one has tampered with them. It analyzes your security footage for motion, then compresses it, encrypts the video, and stores it safely.

Intelligent Bandwidth ManagementTM

Eagle Eye developed a proprietary technology called Intelligent Bandwidth ManagementTM within the cloud surveillance system to address the problem many businesses have–limited bandwidth. Early cloud-based storage solutions ran into problems with excessive bandwidth consumption. Eagle Eye tackled the problem and created an exclusive, multilayered technology that works with large and small cloud surveillance camera installations no matter what your internet data limitations are.

Extremely Reliable Data Centers

This cloud platform includes equipment that’s ventilated, air-conditioned, and dual-powered independently from the other systems on-site. The onsite infrastructure distributes and stores electrical power with a 99.995 percent reliability. That’s much more dependable than other cloud video storage solutions.

Video Camera Connection is Simple

It’s easy to connect your security cameras to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS system no matter what the application on site is. Eagle Eye uses bridges that automatically detect your security cameras and configures the network properly. All it takes is one click to add a camera to the system. This cloud-based platform automatically sets the codec, resolution, and frame rate for your cameras based on the profile of each camera.

Eagle Eye has developed a cloud-based surveillance footage storage solution that stands out from the rest.  Plus, no third-party vendors manage the infrastructure.  Eagle Eye experts manage your cloud video storage and designed the system exclusively for cloud cameras.  The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is the most responsive, secure, and reliable cloud video surveillance system on the market today.

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