Quick Apprehension & Loss Prevention: Understanding Video Verification

Video Verification
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Video verification is quickly becoming a business’s best friend. This innovative technology gives them the power to see exactly what’s happening on their property when something triggers an alarm.  Reveal video verification by Security Instrument is a loss prevention method saving companies time and significant amounts of money from theft and property damage.

Detect Break-Ins and Vandalism Faster

Without video verification, most of the time when your alarm system detects a threat, there may be an audible alarm and it alerts a central monitoring station. An operator tries to verify the threat and contacts law enforcement to respond if necessary. Sometimes, the alarm provides a zone for police to check, but there’s no way to see exactly what’s going on.

With video verification, when something trips an alarm, the monitoring system also receives a video of the event so they can verify exactly what’s happening. The monitoring center can provide law enforcement with more information for a quicker response. The monitoring station sees exactly what’s happening without additional signal traffic.


When a break-in occurs with a business that has video verification, police can locate the suspects quicker, preventing them from escaping with merchandise, money, or other property. It can also help stop property damage and vandalism in progress. If law enforcement can’t locate the suspects when they arrive, you’ll have video footage to help identify and apprehend perpetrators as well as provide evidence for investigations.

Video verification can save you thousands of dollars when criminal activity occurs at your business.

Reduce Employee Theft

Video verification can reduce employees by providing surveillance footage that you can review later and identify if it’s an outside threat or an employee stealing money and property. What’s excellent is that you can use Reveal to trigger security cameras to record every time someone disarms an alarm. You’ll know who disarmed the alarm and whether it was to cover up criminal activity or for legitimate purposes.

Reveal can also help you discover employees on the property outside of normal business hours when no one is supposed to be on the property. Sometimes this activity may be someone catching up on work or nefarious purposes.

Reveal has the power to show you what’s happening at your business when you’re not around. It can uncover inside theft and help catch criminal activity in progress, saving you from losing significant amounts of money. Reveal saves you time, making it easier and quicker to identify threats and stop losing money from inside your business as well.


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