Why Commercial Security Is The Norm, Not The Exception

Bob Gamble
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The elements in running a successful company are as many as the people in it and even more diverse. The one thing most industry leaders have in common though, is their ability to leverage commercial security systems to their fullest potential. Naturally, electronic security was designed to keep sensitive areas, valuable property, and sensitive information secure; but it can do much more.

Top companies utilize these technologies in additional ways such as tracking office flow, theft deterrence, avoiding HR challenges, enhancing customer experience, or providing valuable information and confirmation in accident reporting.

Video Surveillance Technologies are a Critical Component

Every property owner faces liability concerns, but those concerns are multiplied for businesses of every size. CCTV and video surveillance are valuable tools in slip and fall verification or evidence as well as fraud prevention. Though fraud is only evident in about 3% of cases, litigating these cases accounts for $2 billion a year with much more settle out of court.

Industry leaders realize that POS loss is another important aspect that surveillance technologies can help address. Most retail loss occurs at the point of sale attributed to employee error, and theft. Early resolution is vital to loss reduction.

Video surveillance is also helpful in monitoring traffic flow and linger times, letting them know what works and what doesn’t. With this information, business owners can adjust floor plans and displays to direct traffic in more beneficial directions and enhance the customer experience. 

Access Control Systems are the Norm, Not the Exception

Restricting access to sensitive areas is another important way industry leaders improve operations. By employing different types of access control systems from simple proximity controls to the latest in biometric security systems, business owners can access important information that helps in employee accountability.

Electronic security is always valuable, but using it to its fullest potential can set your business apart. If you have questions about how to integrate these technologies most successfully, please give us a call today.

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