3 Tips For Getting Commercial Video Surveillance Right

Bob Gamble
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The commercial environment comes with security risks completely unique to the industry and unique to the facility itself. Every commercial business needs some type of security to prevent, deter, and monitor illegal activities. How well that system serves you though, depends on several factors. We know that having it is a must, but getting video surveillance right doesn’t happen without some effort.

A well-designed video surveillance system can be any commercial business owner’s most effective weapon in their security arsenal. However, one that is ill-adapted for the purpose or application can prove to be of little use if a security event occurs. Here are some important tips in using video surveillance to protect your commercial facility, its property, and employees and visitors.

Commercial security camera systems are crucial to a business, but how well that system serves you depends on what you do right.

Know Your Risks

Every business has a unique set of risks based on factors such as location, type of business, size of facility, facility usage, and occupancy. Don’t assume your risks; know them through thorough investigation. Talk to local law enforcement and ask about local crime and why types of crimes do they see in similar facilities. Talk to other business owners in the area about how they deal with security, and ask other owners of similar businesses for their insights. Ask them about security cameras and which types they have employed. Finally, talk to security specialists to gain even more insight.

Develop a Workable  Security Plan

Great security is an ongoing undertaking with many facets. Once you have collected data, use it to develop a systematic plan of implementation for your security addressing all of the risks you uncovered. As you develop your plan of implementation, think about which commercial security cameras and CCTV systems will address the most likely issues you’d face, such as theft, accident, or violence.

Invest in the Right Commercial Security Camera and CCTV System

The security camera system is a business owner’s most effective tool in combating things like false injury claims, theft, and violence. But its effectiveness depends a great deal on a multitude of factors such as having the right type of camera in the right location, covering critical areas, camera placement to avoid glare, and many others. Because video footage is critical in any security event, proper placement is critical and always best done by an experienced professional. Here are some important points to help you choose the right security camera system and components for your facility.

  • Choose night vision cameras for the outside of your facility. Cover areas such as loading docks, parking lots, and entrances and exits.
  • Install security cameras with a wide view for a sweeping view of the facility.
  • Choose cameras appropriate for small areas to cover the stockroom or other tight areas.
  • Opt in to cameras to specifically cover POS area.
  • Install pan-tilt-zoom cameras to cover busy areas.
  • Choose a smart security system that offers remote viewing and control. Among other advantages, it helps law enforcement in the event of an emergency.

The right commercial security camera and CCTV system can help facility owners address many challenges. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, Security Instrument helps both commercial and residential clients with a full line of security technologies, services an, UL listed, Factory Mutual Approved Central Station Monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.