Summertime Threats: How Businesses Can Get Prepared

City in Summertime
George Schneck
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Last year, summertime was the kickoff for months of violent crime in numerous cities. As summer of 2021 poses similar threats, law enforcement departments across the country are warning business owners to prepare for a second wave. The Wall Street Journal reports that as COVID restrictions begin easing and warm weather leads to more outdoor activity, police departments are readying for a potentially violent summer.

The retailers and restaurant owners hit by last year’s crime outbreak can vouch for the vulnerability of small businesses in the summer months. If you’re a small business owner, here are some ways you can get prepared for potential summertime threats. 

Bring your monitoring closer to home. 

Do you know where your security monitoring center is located? Often, business owners are horrified to learn that the company monitoring their alarms, cameras and other security technology is located in an entirely different state. By switching your monitoring service to Security Instrument, you’re trusting a company that owns and operates its own UL listed monitoring center, located right here in Delaware. 

Boost business intelligence, make better decisions. 

Busy entrepreneurs aren’t always able to be onsite. If you’re on the move with no time to stop in, wouldn’t you like to know how many customers walked through your door today? How about which employees opened and closed, and were they on time? Could a recent crime against your business be an inside job aided by one of your staff? We have business intelligence tools that can answer these questions, inform your security decisions and keep your site safer. 

Build a fortress of automation and security. 

It may not be possible to build a true fortress around your business, but automation and security technology can help you build a virtual one. With tools like tamper-proof wireless keypads, services like crash and smash detection for your glass, and automation that lets you control locks and lighting from wherever you are in the world, you can have more confidence about the security of your business when you aren’t onsite. 

It’s important to take summertime security threats seriously, and these are some ways you can take an active role in defending your business from them. To inquire about any of the products and services here, contact Security Instrument today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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